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Hi All, I'm having really frustrating issues with a C881-4G router and its data connection. I have the same router setup and working so I know my config is right but for some reason this router will not stay connected. I keep getting the following er...

Dear Community,We are using the Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR) 1000V - AX Pkg. Max Performance in our AWS environment.Actually we deployed the EC2 type c4.2xlarge. Do we have to consider the following limits for the throughput even if we don’t use...

I have 12 Mbps internet connection in my Office. ISP is connected through my Cisco Router 2911. I have check my client internet usage They are not using more than 8 Mbps but still internet speed is slow. When i check the router WAN interface which gi...

yurs by Beginner
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Hello my friends I am pretty new to 4G card connection, recently we get a module NIM-4G-LTE-GA, put a sim card and google some basic setup from internet/cisco, and it works, we even made that works with the TCL script with SMS  control too. after the...

perkin by Beginner
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Hello Friends!This is my first professional job to handle my company data center. Now they require Security for their data center. There is no any firewall implement yet. I have Cisco firewall 5505 want to configure as transparent. I don't know much ...

yurs by Beginner
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PC#3 at WANsite#2 is sending gobs of data to PCs 1 & 2 at WANsite#1, but the router interface at WANsite#3 also sees this conversation (NetFLOW) even though it is on a completely unrelated leg of the network.  I am attaching a diagram showing how the...

July 5th - MYSTERY.jpg
tim.smith by Beginner
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Resolved! Site to site VPN

Hi All, What command is used to check the crypto map running for the tunnel? Suppose if the client says the crypto map 50, then which is the best way to view the crypto map? Sh crypto isakmp sa- I am getting the src and dstn peer IP.Sh crypto ipsec s...

Hi, I've requested static public ip range from my ISP and was given a different block from my existing WAN ip. Current existing WAN IP: ISP end: My end:   The new public range is and need to use the gateway of 1....

Resolved! RV340W Static Nat

We have just upgraded from a rv042g to the rv340w. the router is setup with a static public ip. We are trying to point one of our static ip to an internal ip (exchange server) but i noticed there is no one to one nat option. i tried to use the static...

MoradA by Beginner
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Dear all, I have been seeing the following information about NAT Order of Operation on IOS Software.Howerver this doccument is not restricted to specific software and hardware versions so actually IOS-XE software such as ASR1K and ISR4K are included ...

mhiyoshi by Participant
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Hi there, I have 2 scenarios. 1. I have a router with 2 tunnels but the they have different tunnel source and destination IPs. Whenever I configure keepalives, it's bringing the protocol down which is expected if it doesn't reach the remote end. This...

jpl861 by Enthusiast
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