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Greetings,i want to configure a router (ISR 4321) to always ignore the startup config (if one was set) so it always enters Zero Touch Provisioning. Is there a way to do this? Many thanks in advance!

RAW1456 by Level 1
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Dear Team, my cisco 6506-Sup-2T in rommon mode, please share the processor of recover from rommon mode.I am trying by Xmodem but its taking so much time.try by cmp login but no luck , getting fail error. 

Hi.I have a Providers Router and a Cisco 886 Router.I want for some reason to have the RJ11 DSL Cable connected with the Providers Router and then I want to connect an RJ45 cable from the Providers Router to my Cisco 886 Router.I've set the Providers...

Hi, can anyone provide me the configuration for below details IPs Port: sub-interface (1115)branch IP address :

A7M876 by Level 1
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hello everyone,in my topology., my client has an ip adress remote site server has I succeed the access the server with a different source ip address via ipsec tunnel. by the static nat I am changing the source ...

halids44 by Level 1
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I'm doing a project where I have a Winradius server on two inside servers, with the two test accounts:Username: User1 Password: examplepwUsername: User2 Password: examplepw2 Trying to figure out the commands needed on the ASA for the following things...

Can I enable BFD for VLAN interface as I am not seeing the BFD command under VLAN interface as following?CDCCORCSW003(config)#int vl202CDCCORCSW003(config-if)#CDCCORCSW003(config-if)#bfd ?% Unrecognized commandCDCCORCSW003(config-if)#int gi8/1CDCCORC...

frank by Level 1
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Hi,i’am new in this forum and pretty new to Cisco network devices and configuring them (I just started learning for CCENT1) :-) I need to configure a Cisco Router (Cisco 892) which ís connected to two ISP’s (no Loadbalancing) with two networks. For e...

Steve44 by Level 1
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Greetings,  i have a hub and spoke IPSEC/GRE configuration connecting together 5 routers. I can ping from spoke to spoke when connected to each spoke router but if i add the inside interface as the source address i cant ping between spokes.I think it...

Mark Rigby by Level 1
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Good afternoon with everyone, the consultation is up to one hundred point very basic. I have a platform of Routers ISR2 3945, and also ISR1 2825 and 2811, now I have added a Router 4400, in all routers I can get backup of the configurations, via TFTP...

I have a Cisco 3850.  I have read the discussions on whether or not they do NAT.  It appears people have got them to do so.  I am needing mine to nat between 192.168.125.x(inside) and 10.10.9.x.(outside).  I am needing to be able to hit a device on t...

Hi All,  Is it possible to access the internet connection through a VPN?  Router B(WAN2) connects to Router A(WAN2) via ethernet cable with a VPN tunnel. router A(WAN1) connects to ISP fiber broadband. Router B WAN1 is not connected to any ISP. Will ...

hariydnets by Level 1
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