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I have a Cisco 4431 that was reloaded at the weekend, config saved and confirmed the same as before. It has two WAN interfaces.WAN 1 with the default route pointing to itWAN 2 with higher cost default route pointing to it. Before the weekend it was w...

I am looking to build a home lab for CCNA. My company will pay for the equipment If I can find a list directly from Cisco that names the equipment per lab or a third party that Cisco redirects to. Does anyone have any information or links they can sh...

Gixxxer by Beginner
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Hello,I've got an issue between two endpoints across our wan. I setup spanning on two switches and and found some TCP resets and in the capture it shows the source IP of the reset the other end point in connection. However the TTL was 254 so it wasn'...

dcanady55 by Beginner
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I believed I had properly accounted for the IPSEC/mGRE overhead on my Tunnel interface settings (IP MTU and MSS), but was experience high CPU utilization (IP Input) due to fragmentation and reassembly.Below are the overhead calculations I used origin...

kst.amand by Beginner
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We are running iWAN 2.2.  I am trying to determine if there are any technical issues with using a prefix-list at the branch to define the domain site-prefixes for that branch (in effect disabling the automatic/dynamic function of pfr when determining...

dlstokes by Beginner
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How can I get the default route into a vrf from the global route table? I can get the VRF routes into the global route table but not the other way around. !! Last configuration change at 19:52:06 EET Wed Mar 27 2019!version 15.2service timestamps deb...

Hello I am new with Cisco Configuration. we have 2 C2960XR-48FPS-I stack and we need to have Wifi, voip, server (DHCP) and internet and I need to have 8 different vlans for WAPS, Server, Access, Voice, etc, and all those vlans need to comunicate in b...

alfo208 by Beginner
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Hi community team,  I have Applied  Create a route-map to forward HTTP/HTTPS traffic to Proxy but still, there is some traffic not belong to HTTP/HTTPS is actually been forwarded to the Proxy server, would you please advise me with the solution?  In ...

Resolved! Cisco 4000 series

Dear All, I am opting for Cisco 4431 router on which we will be terminating 150 Mbps circuits, and IPSec tunnel will be configured to transport the traffic. IPSec throughput can reach upto 100 Mbps  in this case do i require FL-44-HSEC-K9 license for...

ranjit123 by Participant
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Hello community, I'm migrating from RV320 to RV340. In RV320 I have 4 subnets in the same VLAN ( / / / but in RV340 it does not allow me to create a subnet on the same VLAN. As the pictures show:

320.png 340.png

Hello Everyone, We migrated DHCP service from Windows to Cisco Device (works perfectly fine) but our PXE imaging is broken after migration. I was trying trial and error and found below based on our requirements. Requirements: All devices (Microsoft S...