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Resolved! IPSec to AWS/VyOS

Hi All, Hoping someone can offer some advice. I have to get a Cisco 892 running 15.6(2)T1 to connect to a VyOS running at AWS. I initially got this working fine, however after 3 weeks the connection failed. I can see P1 working OK, however it then go...

madheff by Level 1
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I do have three routers in an area and forming neighbor ship between them using one subnet(may be since I am going to use link type as Ethernet  DR and BDR election process will take place between them.  but my need is one of these thre...

ShankL by Level 1
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Hello, We would like to replace our existing router with a Cisco ASR 9001. We would like to know the capabilities of such unit, in regards of both PPS and simple BGP taking full feeds from multiple providers. Would it be able to hold for example 3 to...

btel by Level 1
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Hello, For one of our customers I configured a Cisco 2921. They are using multiple EVC. One of them is an 500Mb. Somehow when the data passes through the Cisco my speestest does not go over 280Mb. I checked the config and believe that it is correct, ...

m.x by Level 1
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Hello, this may have been answered before, but I am wondering how to have some (10.x.x.x) addresses translated by NAT, while allowing other (63.x.x.x) addresses to be passed through the router.Basically I'm looking to replace a cisco 678, a DSL route...

Hi Folks, I have the following general topology:Cable Modem <--> LinkSys Router <--> Cisco Router <--> Cisco Switch I am trying to reach a host on the Cisco switch from a host on the LinkSys router.  I am able to SSH to the Cisco router and reach tha...

Hello, am looking to configure the Cellular profile on a Cisco 897 router via EEM though i need "enter" equivalent command to put in the script below.  event timer countdown time 30action 1.0 cli command "enable"action 1.1 cli command "config t"actio...

Hello, I am about to register an ASN and buy a /24 public range so I can own multiple IP addresses, as my ISP asks for 35$ for one IP..  I own a Cisco 1921 ISR that allows me 250mbit and bgp, and I wanted to be able to use a router capable of 1gbit s...

Hi I need help in configure a Cisco 3900 and 3800 series router here is my scenario : I have different division in each have their own role, but i dont want all of them in a single network, I want to divide them in different network:Vlan 100- MGMT - ...