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Resolved! IPTV with Cisco 4507R multicast issue!!!

Dear All,            I want to implement Otrum IPTV, which works on multicast. I have cisco 4507R as core switch, whenever i enable multicast (dense mode) the cpu usage goes upto 60% for ever on core switch.Does anyone has integrate IPTV to cisco 450...

ahmed.gadi by Beginner
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Configuring network WRT54GH

Good Day everybody, i'm glad to joined to this community,   Right now i have a conflict, because we have the Router provide for the Internet Company, on a store, it is connected to a generic switch in a small kiosk by Ethernet, which is connected to ...

Resolved! BGP Redistribution

Hello Everyone! i am self studying and stuck here please help me out on this.In my topology i have three Autonomous systems of BGP. Here is what i have done.-Each AS is runnin OSPF internally.- R3, R4, R6 and R7 are participating in IBGP/EBGP while R...


Resolved! Cisco Router login Problem

Hi friends in cisco 2911 series router. i cant able to login in one of the router interface GigabitEthernet0/0 we have configured service provider wan IP address in Gigabit Ethernet 0/0 and in Gigabit Ethernet 0/1 we connected wan interface for our f...

prince.p by Beginner
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BGP redistribution and local preference issue

TopologyI have a data centre with two layer 3 distribution switches using eigrp to connect to two edge layer 3 switches which are running eigrp and bgp. The two edge switches communicate with each other via ibgp using their loopback addresses which a...

Alex Fray by Beginner
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Administative Distance and Static Route

Hello,      I am facing some issue in Routing, kindly help me figure it out. thanks in advance.    I have multiple routes into my cisco 2900 series router i.e. (towards my firewall for accessing internet)

Traffic shaping 2960s

Hi,    I'm planning to limit a certain bandwidth base on my client subscribed eg. 2Mbps, 10mbps, 5Mbps,    The problem is i dont like to use rate limit from my router since it will drop excess traffic, and traffic shaping will do only on outbound int...

Roel Reyes by Beginner
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