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I am working on a network which has two sites (Site A and Site B). Each site has a MPLS router running BGP and OSPF and is patched into 6509 core switches. There are two 6509s per site and both MPLS routers only have one link to one 6509. Each site a...

Hi Tech friends,I have struggled this question for a long time. Can you guys help me with that?Problem 1: the ebgp connection between R2 and R7 is up and down a lotProblem 2: I cannot use R1 to learn all the route of R7 and R8Really appreciate your h...

jennytong by Level 1
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Eigrp neighbors are flapping is the config. R1>>>>>>>>crypto isakmp policy 10encr aesauthentication pre-sharegroup 2crypto isakmp key 6 USER address!!crypto ipsec transform-set AES-SHA esp-aes esp-sha-hma...

nani by Level 1
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Hi,My 1st post here so here's the scenario:* You have a live port channel (Po200) on a vpc pair of cisco WS-C6509-E aggregation switches, these are going back to a cabinet switch WS-C2960G-24TC-L (CAB-10-1)  - Existing live Vlans 125,127 trunked.* Yo...

dbosch by Level 1
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Hello,when I issue R10(config)#do show ip static route then it tells me that it has for example 2 static routes and it shows that which on in active and which one is non-active Now my question is that is there any command to...

HI Folks, Happy New Year to All, I have just one question below.  If I have an existing QoS setup and is currently tied up on an interface, I want to update the ACLs, that are reference to the class-map, if I add another entry to match new IP address...

I'm trying to use a summary-address between area 0 & area 90.  My ABR is connected to multiple other areas.  If I use "area 0 range" I'd like the summary address to only be injected to area 90 and no others.  Does anyone know if it...

rreed2010 by Level 1
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Dear All,I need you help in clarifying some issues.I want to configure High-availability on my external routers to insure redundancy on the WAN level.I would like to know if it is feasible with 2 routers from different series:Cisco 3925Cisco ISR 4431...

For an ISR 4431 chassis with an IOS-XE 3.16.6S, I noticed that there was a new option "dscp" on the command "ping X.X.X.X source Gi0 / 0/0 dscp af31".What is the difference between the "dscp" option and the "tos" option? Is the "dscp" option functio...

HuGGy by Level 1
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We have cisco WS-C2960L-24TS-LL (Version:152-6.E) and use two interface config port-channel use LACP mode . When one of the interface become suspended, we use ICMP or remote access to this switch will fail , but client service and connection still wo...

Hi, Our Infosec team send us a vulnerability list, in which one was disable ntp queries. Currently i dont have an acl on ntp, it is just configured as ntp server x.x.x.x source port-channel 1.1   How do i disable ntp queries and what all command i ne...

jigarrg by Level 1
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