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Possible interface issues on cisco 3725 router

I have a router that has been working great for almost 2 years now, has had the occisonal reset due to power failures but, I have not adjusted the configuration for a long time, until today trying to diagnose the issue thats occuring.

Here is the setup, a Cisco 3725, with three network interfaces, FE 0/0 connected to cable modem, FE 0/1 connected to the 10.0.1.x and FE0/1.10 vlan for call manager express ip phones. I then have a third interface FE 1/0 that acts as my DMZ where I keep servers. Both FE 0/0 and FE 1/0 are behind the NAT. Just yesterday I noticed that the internet traffic stops on the FE 0/1 interface after a few hours local VLAN routing works from FE0/1 to FE 1/0 and I can ssh into the router just no web traffic, I reset and it starts working again, odd thing is the DMZ still has internet during this entire time, which makes me think the interface is faling. Is there any logs or commands I can do when the interface fails again to see if its a bad interface on the router?

I isolated the switch out of the question, hooked a non managed switch up while the internet was not working and tried to connect and got nothing as well.