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Hi, I want to understand how sdwan nat dia configures correctlyRouter has two isp with default route through two hops: S [1/0] via [1/0] via and when I enable NAT on the transport ...

dijix1990 by Participant
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I'm auditing the IT systems, and network equipment and noticed the Cisco WLC 5520 is on OS version, does that mean it's out of date and vulnerable? Should I recommend an upgrade Path to Software?

Freshy by Beginner
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if we have service VPN 10 at Dubai Vedge and service VPN 20 at India Vedge then Can they talk to each other by default?I think VPN is like VRF concept so do we have to keep same VPN ID at both end by default?and one interface is member of one service...

knaik99 by Beginner
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