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Hi, I am trying to learn BGP configuration, but could not make it work. I tried basic configuration, but seems I cannot learn bgp routes, please help whats missing or wrong on my configurations.                                                        ...

1 Topology.PNG 1 Config.PNG 2 Config.PNG 2 Route.PNG
cfaelmoca by Level 1
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Hi,       Could anyone here please help clarify if I can configure either BIOS of Cisco 12G SAS Raid bios to have a standard SATA hard drive access?   I am having a Cisco C220 M4 server with Cisco 12G SAS raid controller.  I physically removed all ha...

LeeJL by Level 1
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Hello,I found documentation discrepancy about the ports speed capability of the Nexus 9348GC-FXP.The datasheet from Cisco is : This datash...

I am trying to find a document that tells me what versions I can do upgrades to. Example if I have version 7.0(3)I4(3) I can upgrade to 7.0(3)I4(9) or you need to do 7.0(3)I4(5) first then go to 7.0(3)I4(9)Thanks for your help.

saleff by Level 1
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Hi Pros, Need  your help to figure out an issue here. The issue is between UCS and Esxi servers. Apparently when we tried to vmotion a guest server from  one Esxi host to another, we lost network connectivity during the migration. And this  issue onl...

What are the Cisco Nexus equivalent commands for the following two commands?ip device tracking probe delay 10 no ip gratuitous-arpsNote: These commands work on Cisco 3650s.Background, I am trying to resolve the false duplicate IP issue for static IPs...

SD7 by Level 1
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Hi All,The documentations (datasheets, compatability matrix and release notes) are not clear so i would like to ask the community if those transceivers are supported and maybe someone use it in productive environment... - GLC-SX-MM(D) on Nexus 56128P...

mlinder01 by Level 1
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