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At traditional switch / Router , if i want  the trap server to receive specific syslog, i can use gloabel command : logging trap Warning   But at Nexus Switch (N9504), I cant use this feature by this command~   I will appreciate if someone can help m...

Bill lo by Beginner
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Here is my topology i configured Nat on both routers.Do i have to configure Nat on both routers?and do i need default routes  to point to the isp ?i suck at Nat and i am trying to learn much as possible 


I want to traduce this to a Nexus 93180YC. !ip access-list stand Servidor2_Produccionpermit ip!route-map RM_Servidor2_Produccion permit 10 match ip address Servidor2_Produccion!ip nat inside source ...

Hello folks, please help me in resolving the issue. I get this error message twice a week resulting in complete network failure with 2 ISP's connected to this stack switch %SSH-4-SSH2_UNEXPECTED_MSG: Unexpected message type has arrived. Terminating ...

Hi everyone,I have a c2960-s switch. I connected two PCs assigned with static IP:,, respectively. they all are in the default VLAN, but they can not ping each other. I 'write erase' the switch but yet the same. sometimes if I ...

Hi I am trying to do something simple I hopped in a simple network but cannot get it working... My setup is the following: -router: rv325 it generate my internal network (192.168.1.x) -switch: sg300 which is simply supposed to extend my single networ...

mgibert by Beginner
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hi Sirs I have a problem with managing Cisco ESW-520-24 switch. It is for training purposes only.So what I used is DB 9 cable to PC using COM3 port. Everything is fine except that it won`t work properly. Once I restart the switch it shows some charac...

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AndyRee by Beginner
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Hi community,        I´m a new on this forum and I have a question about routers configuration, I hope you can help me...My question is how can I change the telnet port and ssh port for a different ones?? for example I´d like to change de default tel...

Here is the result of 'show version' on a production switch: License Information for 'WS-X45-SUP8-E'    License Level: ipbase   Type: Permanent Right-To-Use    Next reboot license Level: ipbase   Here is the result of 'show version' on a cisco 4510 t...

bm_5789 by Beginner
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HelloI have enabled STAC Compression on HDLC Serial Link. I choose 8192 Bytes ICMP to test the compression and got below results. I run it three times and got three different compression ratio . FIRST TIME :R2#ping repeat 1 size 8192 timeou...

timmysyed by Beginner
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Hi all, I need to move currently active chassis (switch 1) of our VSS so I wanted to force-switchover to swap their roles. Unfortunatelly after "redundancy force-switchover" the former active chassis did not come up properly. I saw it present in sh s...

vokabakov by Beginner
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