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stack utilization 3750-X

Hello. I have production stack which were built by 3 switches 3750-X. cc#sh switch stack-ring speed Stack Ring Speed : 32GStack Ring Configuration: FullStack Ring Protocol : StackWisePlus   I see high ring utilization  cc#sh controllers utilization |...

VSS SUP720 strange behaviour after ISSU 15.1(1)SY4

Dear Experts After ISSU from 151-1.SY1 to 151-1.SY4 on Catalyst 6509-E SUP720 everything works as expected but we recognized different output from CONsole port. In contrast to other VSS systems we can connect to stby-console port AND execute show com...

d.bader by Beginner
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Can't get access to Cisco 819-4G router

Hi, I have a problem with my Cisco router. I can't get access to it through con/aux port. Router responds only to telnet request "Password required but none set"and then it closes connection. When I try to get access with COM it shows nothing. Router...

rawik by Beginner
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Mellanox MSN2100B QSFP+ to 3850-24P SFP+

Hello community, trying to link Mellanox switch MSN2100B QSFP+ to a switch stack of Cisco 3850-24P SFP+ Cisco has module PID: C3850-NM-2-10G    , VID: V01   Note: this Cisco model only has 2x10GB SFP+ modules per switch   steps taken: on Cisco conf t...

479130 by Beginner
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Cisco 4500x password length

Hi,   i have a Cisco 4500X-16 with IOS-XE 15.2(4)E5   The maximum password length is 26 characters. Does anyone knows how to increase this value in combination with aaa?   I don't have this issue with IOS-XE 15.2(3)E2   regards, Pascal

How long must be the ftp cable cat5?

Hi, I am in situation where one device and switch  each other  are connected over FTP CAT 5 patch cable . The FTP 5 patch cable is 100.3 metres.The result is that the state of port in the switch is connected, the port is up, protocol is up, link is u...

switch 3750 qos for ip base

Dear Team member.   we have configure the qos for host, 1. when we start the debug, we are not able to see the any debug out put so unable to understand the configuration is correct or need any changes.   2. Also when we add the service-policy out ap...

Resolved! ip default-gateway and default-information originate

      Hi Everyone,     Currently our 3750 switch has below config   Current Switch running ospf   ip default-gateway x.x.x.x ip classless ip route x.x.x.x     router ospf 1   default-information originate metric 10 metric-type 1     A...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Fragmented traffic

Hello, I am seeing a lot of fragmented UDP 17 packets in a Wireshark sniff of incoming traffic from a Cisco 4900 switch (firmware 122-53.SG10) However when I run the command 'sh ip traffic' on the switch, the fragmentation statistics look empty. Can ...

Can we check poe values of poe port?

Hi, here I am in situation with Cisco white switch Catalyst WS-C2960C-8PC-L.The ip cameras can't take enought power over poe ports of the cisco switch.The ip cameras work only with poe injectors.I think the problem is in power supply of Catalyst WS-2...