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Question: IP Source Guard functionality

Hi Cisco community,   I have a question regarding the security of IPSG. Am I correct in the assumption that IPSG enabled with the interface command (ip verify source) and DHCP-snooping database would not prevent ARP-spoofing attacks as of the reason ...

Resolved! switch: CCCCCCCCCCxmodem:: I/O error

hello I goofed and uploaded a new image to my Cisco 3750.I deleted the prior image and set the boot flash statement and then used the command boot system flash: old image/new image This caused me to enter into switch: mode I have tried various recove...

Resolved! How to Recover Image on 3750X-24T

I accidentally deleted the IOS on my new switch and hoped someone could tell me how to recover it.  I have the image I need on my PC and have booted the switch to the switch: prompt but don't know how to transfer it.  The configuration guide tells me...

Exterity IPTV multicast

Dear All,              We have Exterity IPTV solution implemented in our network. We have cisco 4507R with 3560 edge switches. Now we are facing lot of multicast/broadcast flooding in our network due to which our voice and data vlans are affected. I ...

ahmed.gadi by Beginner
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MHSRP on single vlan interface Nexus 7K not working

configuration :-   int vlan X ip add <primary address/Mask> ip add <secondary address/Mask> secondary hsrp version 2 hsrp 110 ip <primaryvip> ip <secondaryVIP> seconday   When I checked the Output for hsrp group 110 on Nexus 7K , output displayed HSR...

NDP by Beginner
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Vlan with no SVI vs private VLAN

Hello,   I have a guest VLAN for wifi users. The users in this VLAN should not access any other VLAN, the only device plugged on this VLAN is the firewall with dhcp enabled (+AP_802.1q). Currently, the guest VLAN doesn't have a network assigned to it...

Mduref by Beginner
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Not able to ping another VLAN

Dear All, This is my Network Diagram. When i am trying to ping from my CISCO 4331 Router to another vlan I am unable to ping. I am putting following command. CISCO-4331-ROUTER#ping source or  CISCO-4331-ROUTER#ping 192.168...

Network MAP.jpg

3750E Cheapest 10GB connection to server

Ok, I made a post on reddit but after some discussion I was concerned about port buffers so I figured this was the place to ask. I am trying to create a fault tollerant 10GB connection to my VMWare server/SAN for as cheap as possible. I have done abo...

NickW by Beginner
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Resolved! How to see wich switch interface that associate to a certain device's IP or MAC address?

Hi cisco experts! So i'm a 4-months-old-Network Engineer which has a responsibility to troubleshoot end user's pc and cisco ip phone. Those devices connected to our access switch. I have 2 questions :  1. How to see wich switch interface that associa...

satyaz by Beginner
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Nutanix and Nexus...why not Catalyst??

Hi, So for an office that is running Nutanix (1 node and 2 node offices, depends on size) why would I use Nexus say 3k over a Catalyst 9000 series. I am not even considering Nexus 9k for these offices, these are not Data Centers, just larger offi...