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Hi all,I am investigating POE issues on a 3850 stack, and i notice some things while troubleshootingSwitch Ports Model              SW Version        SW Image              Mode   ------ ----- -----              ----------        ----------           ...

Hi,I've been trying to configure a DHCP option 15 on a 3650 switch running XE 16.3.5b but I'm getting this error:  STACK(dhcp-config)#option 15 ascii domain.co.uk% DHCP does not allow raw option 15.STACK(dhcp-config)# Does anyone know what could be t...

noliveira by Level 1
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Hi guys, Apologies first as I am using a not using Cisco Call Manager or Cisco DHCP server. I have got a Cisco 7970 phone I am trying to setup on Asterisk freepbx. Currently got Opnsense DHCP server connected to a Cisco 3750 switch and the 7970 phone...

bruc3 by Level 1
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Hi Apologies I am, New to Cisco and new in my job looking at this switch I can see a number of ports that have no traffic. The switch is stacked.I have always been confused what is going on here (I inherited it) I initially thought that it was someth...

dazza007 by Level 1
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Hi Team, Please let us know the EOL of the below IOS version. Model SW Version SW Image----- ---------- ----------WS-C3560G-24TS 12.2(35)SE5 C3560-IPBASE-M If its EOL please share the IOS version need to be upgrade 

PdhineshK by Level 1
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Hi team, Currently i am planning to upgrade the IOS version 15.0(2)SE12 in 3560 switch.i have loaded the IOS in the flash. Right now i can see free space only 3MB out 32 MB after loaded the new IOS in the flash. Can i good to proceed upgrade in the s...

PdhineshK by Level 1
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Hi Guys, I enable access management-list and access management class in sg350. Now i'm seeing this logs in my ssh session, my question is would this logs consume too much resources of my switches ?  is this command safe to apply in busy switches?and ...