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He everyoneI have two Cisco 2960-l and 2 SFPs GLC-BX-UI inserted SFPs and there switches can see SFP but status is notconnect here is some Information from both switches show interface gigabitEthernet 0/10GigabitEthernet0/10 is down, line protocol is...

Hello,I'm about to acquire a C2960-8TC-L Switch. I need to know some things regarding this switch. First I will get it with IOS 12.2(35)SE (At least that is what is written on it). I need to know:* Does this switch support L3 or L2 only? I need to cr...

I have a software application sending LLDP packets through a physical port. The adapter firmware is also sending LLDP packets through the same physical port. Here is the problem:When I check the LLDP neighbor entries on the Cisco NX 9000 switch, I se...

akiran by Beginner
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Hello,I have a C9300-48U stack running software version 17.03.03 and will be adding another switch to the stack in the near future.  I want to know if the new switch will automatically upgrade to the running software version (17.03.03) of the stack. ...

CodyH by Beginner
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Hello, I would like to implement VSS between two switches module (WS-C4510R+E). the issue is I cannot find the right command, when I type question mark in enable mode there is no switch word in the list. there are only (send, session, set, show, soft...

alameerb by Beginner
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Hi everyone,I have a question for vPC of paramater. It is vPC card type. What does this mean? I can configure to change it or it's related with hardware and not change? Thank you for your support.#show vpc consistency-parameters vpc 25vPC card type  ...

Hi folks,I have spent the last couple of days trawling SL documentation but have failed to find the instructions to do this.All but two of our 9300 switches worked with Smart Licensing Compliance via DNA Center. The two that failed said:Provisioning ...

andy-uos by Beginner
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I have topology as attached picture, and want to know why R3 cannot detect CDP R4?========================================R3 can detect CDP R1 but not detect CDP R4R2 can detect CDP R1 and also CDP R4========================================

hs08 by Beginner
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Good Day, I have searched for install / upgrade steps and found many, all different and some vague. Found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bX006rPu4pA Not sure but this looks like a safe bet? Any feedback will be appreciated Regards        

Heinz by Beginner
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Hello community, I had an issue on a customer site with a ring topology using REP where one port was in Fail state.Physically (layer2) the port was fine.But when I looked at REP status for that switch in Fail, the link is ok in Two Way state but the ...

REP Seg 1 Port Fail State.png REP Seg 1 Port Fail - No Current Key present.png
LaurentRA by Beginner
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Hello, I am considering 9300-48P 16.12.02 to 17.6.5 upgrade and 9300-24T 16.12.4 to 17.6.5. Is it possible to upgrade directly? I couldn't find these on realse note.  Thank you.

dsj030303 by Beginner
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