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3850 memory

Hi,  I am seeing consistently across all my 3850 access switches that the io memory is very low. Is this a software bug or is it normal? Even when we upgraded to a new IOS version it did not change.    3850-SW# sh mem                     Head        ...

Sar891 by Explorer
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use RJ-45 Console Port for the CGS-2520

Hi,   We have ordered two Switches CGS-2520-24TC. In the "Hardware Installation Guide", it is mentionned that we need to use a RJ-45 to RS232 converter to connect this RJ-45 Console Port to the PC. Is it possible to connect directly the RJ-45 Console...

Toto10 by Beginner
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DHCP Across Trunks

Hi Guys, I ran in to a situation during the week that I would like your opinion on. I set up and tested DHCP on a switch. I had a another switch connected through a trunk. I found that devices could ping and communicate across the trunk but DHCP co...

Paul Smith by Beginner
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Intervlan Routing on SW2960cx

Hi ,  I tried to configure SVI on switch 2960CX ,but users on Different valns cannot reach each other , I checed that up link interface trunk and allowed required Valns , I checked SVI status that UP UP , i am sure that interface assigned to correct ...

How To read data from putty

 please I want to be able to connect and read data to and from cisco switch and router using a serial connection. I was able to connect to putty and read data. When I connect my pc to a switch serially and I run my script I am not able to read to my ...

Resolved! Native Vlan an SG350XG-24T

Hello, I have a question, I have just bought a SG350XG-24T is I wanted to change Native VLAN but impossible to find the menu on the graphical interface!

SCAL by Beginner
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Vlan Flapping between ports

Hi, While I am getting Vlan Flapping on LAN network and seeing regular logs on my core switch - 2. I tried to troubleshoot but not able to succeed. Below is the details attached for understanding and support needed. I have attached network diagram a...

Resolved! IP cache Flow egress on 4321

I have recently upgraded our routers from 2811 to 4321 series. Both running advanced IP services.   I can't seem to get IP cache flow working on the interfaces. The configuration I had on the 2811 was ip cache flow egress/ingress. The 4321 doesn't ha...