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Hi colleagues!Could you please help me with the following question?We have a Cisco Nexus 93180YC-FX3 installed in our DC, with NAT configured.I ran debug "debug ip nat clients-events" and "debug ip nat error".The following message appeared:09:24:23.1...

Hi guys, Can someone help me understand what is meant by aggregate throughput as it relates to the ISR 4431 series routers. Is this aggregate throughput for WAN or LAN?   Thanks

Romeo Yong by Beginner
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If outside users are coming to the office. They should route to internet not intranet when they connect to our company network..How can we avoid them accessing our internal network.. they should have only access to internet only if they connected to ...

ankitohc by Spotlight
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Hi All,I have enabled UDLD on some LAG members that run over fibre, see config below.int eth1/1udld port aggressiveudld fast-hello 300errdisable recovery cause udlderrdisable recovery interval 30with the hello's set at 300ms i was hoping to get a tim...

jay_7301 by Beginner
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Will a Cisco IE-2000-8TC-G-E or a IE-2000-8TC-G-B with an IP Lite Software Upgrade only do EIGRP stub? The datasheet says that it does EIGRP (period). It does not say EIGRP stub only. Can you please clarify this for me? See the attached screenshot fr...

I am working on doing upgrades from cisco 3850's to 9300's. Why do the SFP's (GLC-GE-100FX) that worked in the 3850 not work in my new 9300? Is there a command line I can use? Or is it just a firmware/hardware issue and new SFP's must be purchased?  

Is there a way to setup auto config rollback on NEXUS 5k / 7K, where if I make a config mistake and lost access to the device being configured, after X minutes, if I don't intervene, the device auto undo the changes.  This has been available on IOS f...

tachyon05 by Beginner
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Hi everyone, newbie here self studying. I was creating a lab for myself but I cannot for the life of me figure this out.  I have a switch with 2 vlans (vlans 1 and 2), each vlan with 2 hosts, and the switch connected to the router via trunk port. Als...

2 vlans with dhcp server.PNG
Shikk by Beginner
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