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My network is half managed by me and half managed by my accounting software company. They own most of the hardware, except my Sonicwall firewall. The other day i upped my internet speeds from Optimum to 101/50. My network though is getting like half ...

Guys,  I have noticed that there are some telnet sessions to our cisco 3850 switch:  switch#sh users         Line       User       Host(s)              Idle       Location   2 vty 0                idle                 00:01:06   3 vty 1  ...

secureboy by Level 1
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Hi, We have a 7 stack , stack of 3850's. The stackwise 480 cables are correct as are the power cables. Physically Switches 1-4 are connected and Switches 5-7 are connected however we are getting an error in the log  Jul 18 17:35:44 BST: %PLATFORM_S...

sdawson35 by Level 1
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I have Switch 2 as the active.  I want to remove Switch 2 and make 1 the active member but attempts to renumber I get a message as if the syntax priority is no recognized? (See below)    Switch/Stack Mac Address : 70df.2f07.3380 - Local Mac AddressMa...

I am trying to intergrate Cisco switches into to a Enterasys MST network in the lab.I can match the region  names and change the ROOT between all switches for MST 0 with no problem but not for any other instance other than 0!For the other instances (...

jskelley by Level 1
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Hi all,   I have a 4 stack of 2960-x switches that I recently installed and the master switch is displaying the error in the photo on boot. Is the TenGB port bad or could it be the cable? I do have another cable ordered to test. Thanks for any and al...


Hi,   We have a bizarre issue where seeing very degraded performance on a number of vlans on a cat6513 with a SUP720-3b.   Version 12.2(18)SXF8,     There appears to be loads of flooding going on.  Any idea's on where to begin to troubleshoot this pl...

I just configured  my  router for connection with exchange using ospf routing protocol to receive multicast traffic. but when i issue the command "show ip int brief " on my router it shows tunnel interface.The interface is automatically created and t...

Hi, I have a WS-SVC-IDSM-2 which is showing as PwrDown looking at the show power there is more than enough but there is an error message "Module Failed SCP dnld" does any body know why this is showing? it is something to do with the rom version. Rega...

mj11 by Level 3
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I have a strange issue that I am having trouble finding a solution.   One building on our campus loses connectivity every few months.  When I troubleshoot the 3850 for that location, I notice an exponential increase in crc errors on the link back to ...

tstrode01 by Level 1
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