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Hello!!   I have problems to factory reset a 2960CX switch. I need to know the procedure to reset the configuration with the mode button.   Thank you everyone!!

Greetings, We are currently running a Cisco WS-C4510R Switch and recently decided to apply port-security to all the user ports in our infrastructure. Two mornings in a row, a user's computer port was disabled. It showed a violation in the show port-s...

fodmidoid by Level 1
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I am working with a client that has two Nexus 9K switches.  I'm attempting to set up an ERSPAN from switch B to switch A.   I'm running into a problem where I can't configure the erspan-destination on switch A.   To my knowledge, this is done first b...

teward by Level 1
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Hey folks,I'm working on some remotely located 5k and 2k's...i have discovered that the image on the 2k's is newer than the image on the 5k...So, during the implementation of the configurations for the 2k's, it fails, trying to download the image (2k...

Hi Guys  We have the following topology (screenshot below) 2 x Nexus 3k switches connected with vPC link towards Palo Alto firewall. We have 2 x VLANs 100 and 200. I'm routing all the traffic from the VLANs via PBR to the Palo Alto firewall by tracki...

Chris_78 by Level 1
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Good day all,    I have a cisco 2960 X with two vlans, vlan 1 and vlan 2. I have an ADSL router on port 23 (router ip interface Vlan1 ip address ip helper-address interface Vlan2 ip address 192.1...

Nqabeni by Level 1
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I'm trying to configure this very old switch for dual VLAN ports Data/Voice an here is my config:    no logging event link-status switchport access vlan 200 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport mode trunk switchport voice vlan 800 spanning...

ALIAOF_ by Level 6
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Que tal amigos escribo en esta comunidad para ver si alguien me puede brindar información sobre un smart switch SG200-50, quisiera saber porque el led de system parpadea sin parar y esta en color verde pero no responden los 50 puertos tampoco me deja...

I set up VXLAN across 4 Nexus 9k - Most of the VXLAN traffic consists of video camera traffic. We notice that we can not access the cameras via HTTP and HTTPS across the VXLAN - We are able to get pass the loading page but video feed is not loading -...

i have two nexus 9504 connected via vPC link, and  working as active passive as show in diagram. and i config the HSRP on both nexus, where NX1 has VLAN 30 with IP (Acive)and the NX2 has the IP and the Virtual IP is 10...

sufyan.a1 by Level 1
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