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intervlan routing and two many interface vlans

Hello, I am teaching a networking class with some old 2620XM routers, C3550, and C2960 switches. In the lab I have them create on SW1 an access port to Sw2 vlan 5 on both sides.  Also on SW1 they create an interface vlan 5 and assigna 192.168.5.x /24...

adamabel by Beginner
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ASA Design Location

Hello,    My network design consists of 8 remote locations in a Hub Spoke EIGRP. Each link is 10 gig or more.  Each remote site is a 3750-x connected to 2(4500-X) in VSS for distribution. From there the 4500's are connected to a 3750-X which contains...

SSH Version error puTTy

I am using a small home lab and trying to set up SSH on all my devices. I was successful setting it up on my switch but, when I try to SSH from my pc to my 2621XM router I'm getting a error in puTTY : SSH protocol version 2 required by our configurat...

cristicks by Beginner
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CEF Tuning Best Practice

Hi All,   Based on your experience, what is the primary method to avoid CEF Polarization? Which of the following algorithms do you deploy as best practice?   a.) Src IP and DstIP + L4 ports b.) Configuring a unique UID (Universal ID) per layer   Whic...

Resolved! ASR 1002-F Won't Process Traffic

We recently purchased a refurbished ASR 1002-F running IOSXE   Cisco IOS Software, IOS-XE Software (PPC_LINUX_IOSD-IPBASEK9-M), Version 15.0(1)S3, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) which comes with the built-in route-processor but we are unable to successfully...


Hi Team, On my Nexus 9k, Im getting an error on syslog which is: %$ VDC-1 %$ %IPFIB-SLOT1-2-UFIB_ROUTE_CREATE :Unicast route create failed for INS unit 0, VRF 5, x.x.x.x/24 flags:0x0, intf:0x90048, Error: FIB TCAM FULL For IP Routes (1129381966).   V...

khan300 by Beginner
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Core Switch Port Problem

Dear All, I have Core Switch 4506 and i have 2 vlan : vlan 2 : vlan 10 : and no switchport uplink to firewall router My problem is : If i connect any Pc or device to core witch port i...

a.hamdan by Beginner
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Resolved! MTU fragmentation 3750 switch

Hello, we have two servers on the same subnet which are having trouble transferring data via UDP between themselves using proprietary software. For instance, backups will partially complete, then fail and have to repeat the backup. I am thinking that...

tedauction by Beginner
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Layer 2 broadcast address

Hi..   As I understood ff.ff.ff.ff.ff.ff is a layer 2 broadcast address and is Layer 3 broadcast address. As per understanding this layer 2 address should convert to layer 2 mac address. So what will be the layer 2 address for 10.10.1...

Resolved! Clearing / Updating C3750 PS48

In setting up my equipment I am putting all device back to factory.     On the 3750 PS48 I have I have followed a how to on Factory reset which talks of removing all files using the delete flash: "filename" command.   switch: dir flash: Directory of ...

6500 VSS and WiSM1 modules

Hi,   Long story short, I have 2x standalone 6509 chassis in a collapsed core, which are identical and providing L3 services through HSRP to my access layer.  They both contain 2x VS-S720-10G (PFC3C) and 1x WiSM1 card.   My question is, can I turn th...