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Hi Friends, I need assistance with understanding and setting up inter-chassis high availability.I have two routers that I want to set-up in active/standby and I came across that technology in my research.The two routers I want to set-up will be locat...

jay3 by Level 1
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Hi,   we are currently using 2 X 3750 switches. but, these model are quite old so we are going to replace it with 2 X 3850 stack switches. Upper 3750 is the master as high priority than bottom 3750. If we shutdown upper master 3750 as power off, then...

syjeon by Level 1
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Hi,   I have four no of 2960X switch interconnected to each other forming ring, like : SW-A to SW-B, SW-B to SW-C, SW-C to SW-D and SW-D to SW-A and port no 25,26 has used for uplink.  Now I want to implement REP, so can you please send me the config...

Hello,   I am trying to configure some IPTVs that need IGMPv2 immediate leave enabled on the LAN. The LAN core consists of 6832s, and this feature is disabled by default. Does anyone know how to enable per VLAN:   Vlan 801: --------  IGMP snooping Ad...

Hello Support Team,I've a Nexus-Pair, PID N5K-C5596UP,  with some Fex-Switches attached to it. We configure them to act as Vlan-Termination point with a total of 71 SVIs (Vlan-interfaces). To 62 of them we attached an ACL to the interface. As we trie...

Hello,   I'm facing a big issue with my stack of two members os 3750E. The CPU is so high but there is any process consuming the CPU as you can see bellow.   #sh processes cpu sorted CPU utilization for five seconds: 96%/84%; one minute: 96%; five mi...

Hello all I have a question. switch model : ws-c2960x-48ts-l Configuration - user device is connected to switch. user device use DM9161A(davicom semiconductor) Phy. - switch setting   switchport access vlan 10   switchport mode access   speed 100   ...

Hi all,I have 3 switches. The root switch A and another 2 switches, B and C.I have 2 wired cables that connect the B and C switches and I would like to change the switch that blocks the stp port. In that case is fast ethernet of switch B the blocking...

ciscolover by Level 1
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Hi all,refer to my post before about diagnostic test fail : https://supportforums.cisco.com/thread/2223793and TAC already confirm bug for the ios ver 12.2(55)SE2 and suggest the new ios is 12.2(58)SE2experiment 1 : i try upgrade ios in first device W...

Hi All,I have one switch connected to network. Currently IP address is assigned though DHCP. I want to assign same IP address statically though remote.How can I assign static IP address. Switch is cisco 2960G. current config. on switch.intreface vlan...

k_bhavsar by Level 1
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