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Hello I have a branch office with a  Cisco 851 router running GRE back home. I need to upgrade it with a Cisco 892. I am currently planning on connecting the 892 to an interface on the 851 configured for the same VLAN as the 851 LAN interface. I will...

mlenco by Level 1
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Greetings. We have two Nexus 7K switches, each with two N7K-SUP1 and N7K-M132XP-12L modules. It's in a vPC configuration. We're on 6.2(16) code. The 7K switches are basically acting as cores that do DC functions and general campus core switches. We h...

I manage a small multicast video network. We have remote cameras and encoders that create multicast mpeg-ts over UDP streams and decoders that decode them. During a busier than normal night I noticed something strange, three ports on my ws-c3750x-48 ...

cjonescbs by Level 1
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Cisco 4000 series router.  All traffic is going over DMVPN tunnels back through our main data center.  Would like to route Internet traffic straight out the Internet interface and corporate destined traffic over the tunnels.  I lose access to the sit...

rodger rau by Level 1
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Hi, I created topology in gns3 and running BGP and router R1 is able to ping R3 and R5 but not able to ping R4 fa0/0 interface .neighbor-ship established and all interfaces are configured correctly. Please help me to get the reason.

Hi,   I have F5 LTM Active and standby boxes. After the active box fails over to the standby box, if I check the MAC address in the switch (3750) which is connected to the LTM boxes, I still see the mac address of the active box..   I have to do clea...

ohforce55 by Level 1
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Hi All,   i have a new cisco SG300-28PP  switch and i have configured the 1 Vlan so that is 2 from the default vlan 1 and now another vlan 20 , the vlans can ping the switch and their respective gateway , but i am unable to create communications betw...

pavlos82 by Level 1
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Hello,   I can't seem to upgrade the firmware of a remote switch.  The switch can ping the tftp server over the WAN and ports are open, plus I have used this server before to upgrade a different type of switch around 12 months ago.   Here is my outpu...

Gonzo1 by Level 1
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Dear all,   I am a newbie in the Cisco's world and I've encountered a problem. In our company there are several different VLANs, one of which, for example the VLAN 1 (, allows wireless devices to access only some local Virtual machine's I...

Hello. I have a faulty cisco 2911 router with power issues. is it possible to just remove the flash memory to a new router without configuring it? so that it will use config from the flash and start up without configuring it. Urgent help please.

asmuktar by Level 1
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