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Resolved! N5k each VDC created in N7k

Hi Team, Do I need every N5k pairs for each VDC create in N7k ?    Below show 4x pairs N5K ,   can  i do with 2 pairs instead  of 4x paris  N5k  ?                        ------N7k-1 --------                                                           ...

Max Maxim by Beginner
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How can I set L3 mode on C6500 switch

Hi guys, This is KJ. I'd like to get a helping hand from you. How can I set L3 mode on C6500 switch ? Actually, I tested vlans using C6509. There are a Line card and a supervisor in C6509. 2 vlans(vlan 10 and vlan 20) set in a line card(Port 1-10 vl...

Luffy by Beginner
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Resolved! network design

Hello everyone,   I have designed a network topology for my company, and my network will carry all type of traffic Data, voice and Video (IP camera). you will find an attached file that shows my topology. my topology has been designed in hierarchic...

How To Force HSRP Election Process

Hi !Is there any way to force the HSRP election process ? I want to change the Standby router (A) to become Active. I am changing the priority value on B to 10 , but it is not falling over to Router B ? Router A config standby 1 ip Route...

Unusual Traceroute

Dear Concerned, Please see the below trace report. Herewith show all hop with same ASNs but whereas it should be shown every hop with different ASNs. Please feedback me if anyone knows reason. Router#traceroute escape sequence to abort...

Network Solution

Hi I am going to implement one network infra where 2 no's nexus 3524 switches is using as core switch and 4 C2960 access switch connected with core switches. I have two ISP link in my network connected on router and router connected with our nexus sw...