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  Cisco IOS Software, C3560 Software (C3560-IPSERVICESK9-M), Version 15.0(1)SE2, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3) Technical Support: http://www.cisco.com/techsupport Copyright (c) 1986-2011 by Cisco Systems, Inc. Compiled Thu 22-Dec-11 00:24 by prod_rel_teamWh...

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Resolved! nve peer is not up

Leaf1# show nve vniCodes: CP - Control Plane DP - Data PlaneUC - Unconfigured SA - Suppress ARPSU - Suppress Unknown UnicastXconn - CrossconnectMS-IR - Multisite Ingress ReplicationHYB - Hybrid IRB modeInterface VNI Multicast-group State Mode Type [B...

prohit by Level 1
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Hello everyone!I added port-security to my switch a long time ago and today I had to migrate container from one node1 to node2. At the moment when I migrate the container I got SecurityViolation - 1 and the port on which the node2 is was shutdown. Th...

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nakata720 by Level 1
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Hi,I replaced 3750X with 4500X. Since the change I have several log lines %SFF8472-5-THRESHOLD_VIOLATION.Oct 7 08:26:40: %SFF8472-5-THRESHOLD_VIOLATION: Te2/1/12: Tx power high warning; Operating value: 1.5 dBm, Threshold value: 0.4 dBm. Oct 7 ...

I have strange situation with my old switch (2690) that powers on and i can hear the fan running but the all the leds are not lightning?  Do you know what is happening with the switch? Regards.

Resolved! Cisco 9148S

Hi, I believe the Cisco 9148S already EOL. Anyone know where I can find second hand / refurbish unit for this model. Also there is any license required ?  What is the suitable replacement for Cisco 9148S. Thank You.

Hello, Im about to start my packet tracer netcad assessment, but i cant modify my device interface, getting configuration is locked prompt. Please help.

mauchy164 by Level 1
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If someone has given a gateway IP and due to that some devices have internet but not others, how do we troubleshoot and reach the device that has been mistakenly given a gateway IP?

Resolved! Nexus 5000 - Lacp

Hello I have create a new vpc, but when I a "show port-channnel summary" why I see Po50 with Protocol NONE and 10 and 30 with Protocol LACP? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Group Port- Type Protocol Me...

Hi, I'm trying to obtain values from the command output "show power inline police" SW011#show power inline police Module Available Used Remaining(Watts) (Watts) (Watts)------ --------- -------- ---------1 370.0 360.0 10.02 370.0 340.7 29.33 67.0 0.0 ...

jakubgm by Level 1
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Bonjour je cherche a me connecter sur mon switch C3850-Nm-2-10G ; mais un message qui défile indéfiniment "Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? [yes/no]:Loading http://www.cisco.com/security/pki/trs/ios.p7b !!!!!Loading http://ww...

Resolved! Port-Channel

 Hi, I am wondering why port-channel 3 works when I have 'access' at one end of Po3 and 'trunk' at the other end of Po3.---Switch2---interface Port-channel3switchport mode access!interface FastEthernet0/23switchport mode accesschannel-group 3 mode pa...

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