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Hi All, Our Cisco Nexus 4001I Switch Module for IBM BladeCenter has reloaded its own, when i checked the logg what i found is below. Can you suggest which version has a fix? CCC-DRBC-4k-B# sho logging nvram2017 Sep 14 10:48:57 CCC-DRBC-4k-B %SYSMGR-2...

sirius-ms by Beginner
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I have a fex port E103/1/10 , but when i use show fex or sh int E103/1/10, i can't get port vsan or port WWN number, how to show vsan id and WWN number of the port

Mary by Beginner
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On our Access switches we have 2 different qos to cos-dscp settings;mls qos map cos-dscp 0 8 16 24 32 46 48 56mls qos map cos-dscp 0 8 16 24 32 40 46 48Can someone help me break it down and figure out exactly what this means?Thanks!

jonesm111 by Beginner
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Hi Everyone, Looking for some help in regards to an extended ACL. I am trying to block access to all internal subnets from my network, but permit access to from my internal subnets to modem ( I've configured an applied an ACL b...

Adam_S by Beginner
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                   Hello TEam , I am facing an issue with my core switch from past few days.  CPU goes upto 100% with dhcpd receive and IP Input process very high. Currently only data and voip trafficpassing through the switch. Please suggest how to ...

I am trying to apply an ACL that functions as a 'blacklist' as oppsed to a 'whitelist'. The intenet is to block specific IPs from accessing an entire VLAN.This is a temporary solution until I can place a proper firewall between these segments. after ...

Ryan17 by Beginner
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Hi guys,I' ve an DHCP issue that works if the link is access mode but didn't work if I change it to trunk mode. Here's the config: SW-server: (with vlan database created)ip routingip dhcp pool VLAN-MGTnetwork 10.0...

h.dam by Beginner
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I have just received a variety of 3650 switches (24 port, 48 port, POE, Non-POE).Is there any differences between the IOS for the different varieties?

cmazur by Beginner
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