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Resolved! Route caching

Hi,  I cant understand technology of route caching. From CCNP switching guide: Route caching: The first generation of MLS, requiring a route processor (RP) and a switch engine (SE). The RP must process a traffic flow’s first packet to determine the d...

igoksadze by Level 1
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Hi everyone!   I'd like to monitor err-disabled ports with my LMS 4.1, but LMS dosn't know about MIB. The OID that LMS uses for detecting the err-disabled state of the ports is (cErrDisableIfStatusCause) from CISCO-ERR-D...

Good evening, I have setup local pools with ip dhcp snooping before with no issues. However I have recently invested in a WS-C3650-48TS Issue I have when enabling ip dhcp snooping the binding status sits at selecting.   IP address        Client-ID/  ...

HiI have replaced my core switches with Nexus C93108TC-EX (2 Devices). I want to achive Redentency & Failover for Vlans . Please specify how do i achive it. I need a similar configaration like having a Stacked Switched with Comman Vlan Database and s...

Hi All Expert I would like to make a lab with 3 router by NAT This is a simple diagram , would like to NAT from R3 to outside local  IP to dummy IP such a R1<---->R2<----->R3 And then NAT global inside to whatever IP on local network ...

Hello, I got the core network based on Nexus 3548 and access switches based on 2960 and HP3500Here is my vision of STP MST configuration on the devices without vlan load balancing:  Is everything correct ? Or I missed something ?In the edge of networ...

bee7ch by Level 1
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Ok here it is. I made some changes to a switch, while at the Colo. After I left, I went to my home office and attempted to SSH in and I am getting an auth error, which is new and I am not sure why. For some reason, using those same creds that give me...

Skawilly1 by Level 1
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Is it possible to form a pim neighbor with routers on different subnets? I have two routers but in between are two taclanes. So the routers are on different subnets but if they do not form that pim relationship, I am assuming my multicast traffic wil...

Hi Everyone,   Need to confirm on Cisco ASR which is accessible via management interface ho ip vrf interfacesInterface IP-Address VRF ProtocolGi0 10.x.x.x Mgmt-intf up   But seems all other interface with public ip also responds to ssh request from o...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Hello,A Site switch, which acts as the gateway for a small site is connected to distribution switches with two uplinks in a port-channel. This then forms a eigrp relation with the distribution switch over a L3 link (vlan 501).I have pasted the releva...

suthomas1 by Level 6
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ip access-list extended VMware_Labpermit ip host icmp any anypermit tcp any any eq 3389permit tcp any any eq 443permit tcp any any eq 902deny ip logdeny ip 192.168.8...

Hello all,   I have a 4510R-E with two Sup6-E x2 10gb and my question is: Can I reach 40gb of connection (forwarding traffic) between 4510R-E and NX5K?   Catalyst 4500 L3 Switch Software (cat4500e-ENTSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.2(53)SG1 cisco WS-C4510R...

Hi All,Scenario:-I have set-up VSS on two 6800s and it works just fine.I've read the design guide and best practices etc and added a couple of lines on switch 2 to delay the ports from coming up for 300 seconds.This is all fine and well but consideri...