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Hello, Please can someone help me with advice on how o modify policy maps below is my current configuration. I would like to add more bandwidth to  class AFCOM-GE-EES. Thanks policy-map POLICY_CUSTOMER_INGRESS_1Mbps class class-default  police rat...

This is for a mobile application where the LAN will connect to different spots of the WAN, imagine a van moving and connecting at different points based on current location. Let's assume network A is inside the van and network B is a /30 network assi...

Upgrading our equipment to 2960 XR switches. We need redundant power. Can I use power sharing? If I have a 4 stack of switches do I only need 5 power supplies to have redundant power? If I have a 3 stack I'll need 4, 2 stack 3? Thanks

Billm by Beginner
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I'd like suggestions from community peers regarding a design. There are a couple of hard requirements:  1) Core switch has to run RSTP (no PVST, no MST) 2) A Port-Channel links Distribution to Core. The Port-Channel on the Core has to be switchport a...

r.roudi by Beginner
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Hi Guys, I have topology like this and would like to achieve default gateway pointed towards hub location through Spoke 2 [RS3] where I have two MPLS links terminated. Rest everything is working fine where I have MPLS and one ISP but not sure about ...

Blason R by Beginner
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Resolved! DHCP not working?

Hello All,  Trying to work out this simple network topology with DHCP on two VLANs  Not sure what I missed? Password to router: Cisco Secret : Class Thanks

A single ASA5520 (FW) connecting to the Internet had configured with an EtherChannel to a switch stack (C2960S x2) in my site. The simplified network is shown in the diagram below. This network design had been setup for a few years without problem a...

Hi I have a question about features on a Cisco swtch C3850-48T-L, Does this model support only Lan base IOS or is it possible to upgrade with IP Base? Does Lan Base support  routed port (no switchport, ip address on a phisical interface)? Does Lan Ba...