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My company has 2 catalyst 6509 and was configured as VSS. And then there is a spare unit of Catalyst 6509 with old configuration. I have cross check the version of 48-port inline cards, 8-port 10Gig module and 720 supervisor engine.Since my company d...

rsychow1 by Beginner
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I want to block Internet access specifically ports 80 and 443 for a specific IP address during specific hours. I was also trying to test the ACL by adding additional deny statements - possibly this is causing the issue - don't know. Here is the relev...

DON BROWN by Beginner
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Resolved! 3850 switch

Does the 3850 with 10 Gig ports use Cut-through or Store-and-Forward?If it does use one or the other, can it be changed?What is the command to check what is using?

miras by Contributor
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Looking to replace my antiquated 3750G switches (2 of them stacked). I need brand new L3 switches, 2 of them stacked and looking at the 3650 series. I assume "LAN" based is intranet/L2 only. I know IP based is L3 which is what I need, but would one L...

Dear Experts ,I read about PFR from below link & wanted to implement it https://www.cisco.com/application/pdf/en/us/guest/netsol/ns483/c649/ccmigration_09186a008094e673.pdfI wanted to know whether I can run PFR with ip base license or not ?? Or do i ...

Haris P by Enthusiast
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Hello Everyone, I am seeking for best practices / suggestion for installing the nexus in our datacenter environment.  I had attached one jpeg file, with refer to this I wanted to enable HSRP , Intervlan routing, VPC for Port Channeling and BGP featur...

Dear Team,  I am talking specifically about WS-C2960X-24TS-L which comes with 4 x 1G uplinks. If i dont use stacking module, what will be the actual switching capacity ?  My calculation is 24 + 4 = 56 Gbps, without stacking module does it still provi...

This switchport was fine just 2 days ago before I temporarily turned it off due to a customer abuse. Cables plugged in and all. VLAN is up. Gi1/0/18  Server 6           notconnect   6            auto   auto 10/100/1000BaseTX Cisco3750#show interf...