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DHCP binded mac takes 2 ip addreess

Hello Guys, I have binded mac address in DHCP. ip dhcp pool static4 host client-identifier 0208.08c2.d7d8 But this mac-address is taking 2 ip addresses. show ip dhcp binding | in 0208.08c2.d7d8192.168.1.30 0208.08c2.d7d8 ...

IP SLA for https ??

Hello, I need to configure an http get IP SLA but need to retrieve a webpage from a device that only supports https (Cisco ISE).  Everything that I have read so far only references http.  Is it possible to configure this?  If so, can you include a l...

wpalumbo06 by Beginner
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Aironet 1142 Console Unavailable

Hello all, I am currently having difficulty configuring my AP. The Cisco Aironet 1142's that I bought from a working environment have been factory reset, and checked for issues throughly. That being said, I am unable to access the CLI from the consol...

Using NAT to access device without gateway

I have a situation whereby a device has no default gateway assigned, but now does need to communicate outside its subnet as shown below My first thought was to add a NAT for the remote source to local host address on the same subnet. I added the 2 N...

seanwaite by Beginner
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OTV Interface utilization

can we monitor the input and output rate of Cisco Nexus OTV interface. when i ran show interface overlay, i could see the total bytes, but there is no option to see what is the input for load-interval. Thanks in advance

NDP by Beginner
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Border router access list

Hi I can't interpret these two commands, these are the commands for securing the border router ... R1(config-ext-nacl)# permit tcp host gt 1023 host eq bgpR1(config-ext-nacl)# permit tcp host eq bgp host gt 1023  <----...

George-Sl by Beginner
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single ping succeeds, all others fail ?

Hello,  I have a 2921 router configured with NAT. All LAN devices can ping out through the router to the internet successfully. I added a new subnet and allowed it out via the NAT ACL i.e. exactly the same as the other subnets. A host on that subnet ...

pfrancis3 by Beginner
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public key authentication / 4096 bits

I'm trying to enable public key authentication to my gear. Documentation suggests that IOS supports 4096 bit key lengths ... but I see the following error if I try to enter 4096 bit keys (2048 and 1024 work fine): switch(config)# ip ssh pubkey-chain...

Nexus 7700 vs 9500

We are refreshing our DC Aggregation and Campus core switches. These are 6509-E switches which we purchased 7 years ago when things were a lot different. Our DC Access is 5500 with N2K FEXs (it is going to stay). We are a small to medium enterprise. ...

Sara891 by Explorer
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Vlan on L3 switch to L2 switch

I hope this is a simple one...We have a pretty flat network. Native vlan, and vlan 15. Until now vlan 15 only exists on the core switch.Im adding a L2 10gb switch for San traffic. It is configured for native vlan and 15. I have a .1q trunk between th...

Ed Willson by Beginner
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baypass 802.1X for ip phone

Hi, I'm working in the deployment of ISE ver2.0. currently I have  carried out some test with 802.1X,   PCs that are in the domain get access to network, the PCs that are not in the domain are rejected to get access to network.  That's ok. Now when I...