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Resolved! Catalyst 2960-C and 3560-C Series Compact Switches

Hi experts, a customer of mine wants a 12 port Cisco switch (no PoE); I'm about to offer a 3560 Compact switch (WS-C3560CX-12TC-S) but  I wonder if there is any difference between the "standard Catalyst" and the compact series. Obviously there is les...

e.ciollaro by Enthusiast
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Etherchannel & STP on 2-L2 fiber links

Hi, We have two switches, at one side Nexus 7010 & other side cisco 2960. having 2 fiber link in between them. both switches are far from each other. one fiber link is direct dark fiber other is provided by ISP so mux would be in between. My questio...

s4sandyad by Beginner
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slow file transfer speed over two vlans

Hi guys; I have two vlans in my router, and I found different vlans file transfer speed  lower than same vlan.  computers in vlan 172 speed can reach 100mbps computers in vlan 172 and vlan 192 is only 30mbps interface Vlan172 ip address ...

ciscoreg2 by Beginner
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4500-X BGP and SSO

Hello, It is somethink that I don't know very well... - I have two  4500-x  configured in VSS mode - The Vss is connected by tow link to my backbone - I use eBGP between the VSS ans ME-3800-X1 and ME-3800X2. 4500X1-VSS <int A----------------------->...

a.auvinet by Beginner
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LACP passive mode

Hi all, I'm just wondering if there is any good use of the 'passive' mode for LACP (802.3ad) link aggregation / etherchannel? I understand the recommended setup is to use active on both side so why no just get rid of the 'passive' mode all together ...

mattjoann by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 3650 24-PS not powering up

My All 15 switches Cisco 3650 not powering up. AC Ok is Green, but PS OK always remain off. I have checked all available options(Swapping PSU Slot & get right power point) BUT still situation same. No switch is powering up.

SPAN not able to add in Gi interface

Hi team, Anyone please suggest the solution      Im using Cisco Catalyst 6509, While i try to add the SPAN in the Giga ethernet. getting error message, Cant able to add that interface!!!!!! but i can able to add the vlan in SPAN FYI Switch net #monit...

Resolved! Error in Supervisor C4500e.

Hello Team,        Please I need your support, my device c4500e IOS 12.X sends the next message and the supervisor leds with an amber alert. When I connect to the console, this is in rommon mode, anybody know because occur this? %C4K_IOSMODPORTMAN-...

c3750 vlan filter' problem...

What's wrong with the following configuration? I only want the hosts in the mac access list to communicate with each other, but it doesn't work, why? The test device is c3750. ! mac access-list extended test-mac permit host aaaa.aaaa.aaaa host bbb...