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Hi,  I have a question. The MTBF of the C6059-E chassis is 348,935 and the MTBF of the NEXUS9508 is in the datasheet at 928,910 (Hours). 928,910 / 24 (hours) = 38704 (day) / 365 (year) = 106 (year) I do not understand. Please let me know.

w.t.kim by Level 1
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Dears  There are a number of one Cisco switch 3850 POE+ and 10 Cisco IP phonesIt was installed 10 phones in cisco switch, but who works with POE only four have been making sure that all interface are working POE but the problem is when shutdown IP Ph...

configured nexus 7000 module f1 to connect to my router, but i keep getting a 'no route to host' error. does this have something to do with the l3 and l2 features on the nexus? I initially allowed for my nexus to be l3 during the setup, if that's the...

Hello, We have a 6509 chassis with 2 supervisors, this chassis also has 2 power supplies installed. Now i have noticed that 1 of the 2 power supplies seems to not be supplying the full power it should. So for example the output is showing: ...

Hi , I have a question. If the only requirement for the DC is to have iSCSI for some servers , is it better to go for Nexus 3K or I should choose Cat 3850. Apparently with 10 gig uplinks Cat 3850 is more expensive. Can someone plz tell what would be ...

S891 by Level 2
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Resolved! UCS-E Interfaces

Hi, I worked through a VMware and vWAAS install on a new UCS-E SM module for a Cisco 2900-series router.  Everything went fine with the IMC and MGF configs and the VMware and vWAAS builds.  When I removed that module from my lab router and installed...

knmij1234 by Level 1
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I wonder why when configuring pvlan feature we need to map secondary vlan to primary vlan 2 times. sw(config)# vlan 201sw(config-vlan)# private-vlan isolatedsw(config)# vlan 202sw(config-vlan)# private-vlan communitysw(config-vlan)# vlan 100sw(config...

I am emulating the dell and cisco switches. On this way is necessary use virtualbox. The issue is with virtualbox on gns3 the link between Cisco and Dell isn't working. I would need to convert the .img to iso the IOS of any cisco switch os use it wi...

Hi All, We are getting some strange logs on the Cisco WS-C4506-E  switch. Nov 18 08:46:03.788: %RF-3-MSG_SEND_FAILURE: Message send failure at RF Slave MSIF Msg Send - Invalid argument(22)Nov 18 08:46:34.509: %RF-3-MSG_SEND_FAILURE: Message send fa...

invarutev by Level 1
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