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DHCPv6 Guard

Hi, Will the commands below prevent an end device like a computer or voip phone broadcasting unwanted ipv6 traffic to LAN? We don't run ipv6 in our network and had an issue before wherein one of our access switches was getting lots of ipv6 traffic fr...

Change a port from stauts/protocol down

Hello, I have two switches WS-C3750G-24TS and i had an interlink between them through a port channel containing both ports g1/0/23 and 24. Then all of a sudden when i noticed the interlink was status down and protocol down. I have shutdown and no shu...

jpozo0001 by Beginner
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Hello, I am trying to configure 5921 router to work with dlep simulator (https://sourceforge.net/projects/dleptools/). I have two routers 5921 and two dlep simulators on lan. Using dlep 1.0 version in router. I follow instructions from Software Confi...


Hi experts, in my understanding if I configure an MTU on an interface, incoming/outgoing packets that are bigger then MTU are discarded. This limit applies to both originated by router, terminating on router and routed traffic.  What I didn't underst...

e.ciollaro by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Netflow on C3750X

Hi guys,  I am trying to configure my C3750X(ip base) switch to send the netflow ingress and egress on uplink to a netflow collector.  My switch model is WS-C3750X-48PF-S and the module I am using is C3KX-NM-10G  So far below is my configuration in ...

2960X Port Security issues

Hi all,We have 8 stacks of 2960Xs, which we installed earlier this year.  For the past few months, we have been running into many issues with port security. It started with ports with IP phones. We originally used a port security max of 2 (one for ph...


I want to write a script for resetting the CISCO switch, by which I can just copy and paste it on HyperTerminal and Switch is reset and automatically booting, any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Resolved! VLSM verification

Hi, Can you confirm if these VLSM are incorrect?: • netB— address range 0 to 7 • netC— address range 8 to 11 Also is not summarized by right ? http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/solutions/colla...

Catalyst 2960-XR x Catalyst 3650 Forwarding Rate

Hello Dears, I would like know why does it show the following performance parameters at 64-bytes L3 packets to the two Catalyst switch families: Cisco Catalyst 2960XR-24TD-I                                           Cisco Catalyst 3650-24TD-S      ...

apereira3 by Beginner
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Resolved! Command for Switch port

I want to lock the switchport in such a way that it only allow one end device to be connected and no two more devices are connected using a AP or another switch or a hub. I don't want to reserve MAC address for the switchport. Instead, I just want to...