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Dear All, I have cisco router 1941 k9 router and when I try to connect to the router using console cable  it’s show me garbage character, I try different types speed wont connect the router.  can you please  help me. Thanks, Robel

pepaart01 by Beginner
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Greetings,  I do not know if this is already a thread in the forum, but I have been searching for it and did not find it.  I have a WS-C6509-E switch with VS-SUP2T-10G & VS-F6K-PFC4 . Could anybody tell me when the dates of Eol of these two modules a...

f.sanzes1 by Beginner
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Hello,  i am currently using SRP527W and SG300-10P to provide VLAN functionality. However, due to an ADSL bandwidth, we need to get secondary ADSL connection. So I am wondering, is there any chance of having 2 routers (SRP527W) together with one SG30...

Miro Jan by Beginner
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Hi Techs, I asked this question before, however the answers I got unfortunately weren't complete. I understand the CUCM is the platform application that automates a lot of work in the VOIP world and that the CLI appears to be very limited. How does t...

Hi together, we have several 2950 Switches and wont to upgrade them to newer FW with K9 crypto. The only IOS what I have found is version c2950-i6k2l2q4-mz.121-20.EA2.bin but this one seems to have problem with Network traffic. So my qestion is, is ...

Hey gang.  I ran across an unusual issue today I'm trying to figure out.  We're in the process of upgrading off of the Aironet 1200 series APs we have on IOS version 12.3 and moving over to Aironet 3600 APs on IOS version 15.3.  There are a plethora ...

My goal is to establish specific root bridges for certain VLAN traffic. I have 1 core switch that will be the root bridge for about half the VLANs and the secondary bridge for the rest of the VLANs. There are 3 distribution switches which will serve ...

tlwatts86 by Beginner
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Hey everyone; I need some help with connecting my Ap MR18 to my Cisco 2960 Switch; I been reading forums and trying everything I can think of; but it seems like I can't get this Ap connect to my switch which will allow my wireless clients to connect ...

j_j624001 by Beginner
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