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Hi all. we have a core switch and there are two server directily connected to it but we notice to download a file from one server to other take 1minutes for 800M. they are on same vlan. full duplex and on auto speed. but on an other core and differe...

Hi Guys, I have IPTV system in my hotel project (Head End streamer (signal from dish) and distributed to my network as multicast address. I noticed that there is a buffering issue when I select one TV channel start buffering then no buffer when I ke...

Hello, If traffic in switch comes from a 10Gbit interface and exits, for example, in 2x1Gb (lacp) interface and not exceeds smallest port bandwidth. I wanted to know do it violate some rules or white papers ? Because 10gb interfaces could process tra...

from88 by Enthusiast
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Hi,  I was wondering if anyone has experienced this.  I have an SG300-28PP-K9-NA switch set to Layer 3 mode.  It is being used with 3 similar devices (one being the same in layer 2 mode, the others being a 28 port no poe and a 20 port.  I have vlan a...

scotty430 by Beginner
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Hello, everytime that I open Putty or Secure SSH client to remote into a switch, I have a problem of having to keep pressing the space-bar to see the rest of the "sh run" output.  Is there a way that I can avoid this, so when i type "sh run" - It sho...

afsharki2 by Beginner
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I am facing this trouble above. I have many other devices connected in this port, all no cisco and no manageable. I don't have idea what can be,and I have a loop problem in this interface  ":%STP-W-LOOPBACKDET: gi1/1/12: STP Loopback Detection.", I ...

raikone14 by Beginner
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Resolved! Logging debugs

Is it possible to log debugs to buffer only and not syslog for IOS router?  Everything else should go to both syslog and buffer.

yshraybman by Enthusiast
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Hello, Recently we upgraded the uplink with new 10G card to the machine with DFC3CXL Card Type - CEF720 8 port 10GE with DFC Model - WS-X6708-10GE Sub-Module - WS-F6700-DFC3CXL How can i know and Calculation the efficiency of the local CPU on the (...

alonro002 by Beginner
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