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QSFP Converter on Nexus 9504

 Hi there, We are running Nexus 9K (N9K-C9504) with 40G module (N9K-X9636PQ). Can we use QSFP converter (CVR-QSFP-SFP10G=) on Nexus 9K to connect Nexus 5K using 10G SFP SR modules. Thanks 

Multicasts and Broadcasts on 4506 modules

While troubleshooting for slow speed issue on cisco 4506, switch module - WS-X4748-RJ45V+E / WS-X4748-RJ45V+UPOE, I found huge number of multicast and broadcast packets on the interfaces, acting as access ports  for users' machines. I am not sure tha...

amresh008 by Beginner
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flapping found on cisco 3850

Hi all, Below is the switch port configuration for all my ports which are not uplink ports.switchport mode access vlan 2switchport mode accessstorm-control broadcast level 20.00 10.00storm-control multicast level 20.00 10.00spanning-tree portfastspan...

donnie by Beginner
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Resolved! Console connection to 2950 switch

I have a console connection to my switch (an rg45 to serial) The serial is a flat ribbon dongle cable that has pins on the motherboard and uses a bracket. When i go into putty on my win 7 64 bit system . i just get a blank terminal screen. This is th...

Resolved! On N5Ks, HSRP gateway on orphan port routers?

Hello,We have a situation, where on a 2 x N5K environment it is necessary for a VPC VLAN to be terminated on down stream routers via HSRP. The routers themselves are single armed to each Nexus, so are orphan ports.The design constraints are forced on...


Due to SYSDRAM_PARITY_ERROR I suspect the MSFC3 or SUP Hardware, but I do see a couple of software defects that can also cause this. Should I change H/W or upgrade to a more recent version. The fault has just happened once.  Crashinfo and SHOW TECH a...

Resolved! Cisco 4500-X Stacking or VSS

Dear All, We are planning to purchase 2 Cisco 4500-X Series switches for "Enterprise Campus Collapsed Distribution and Core Architecture" design. Could you please answer me below questions: 1. Which is good stacking or VSS? 2. What are the points I s...

Cisco EPC3825 - Static Routing

Hi there, I am having issues trying to locate an option for Static Routing in the EPC3825 modem/router.I originally tried to enter the Static Routing details into the "Routed Subnet Support" area listed under the "Advanced Routing" section of the Set...

Resolved! Wi-Fi implementation

Hi All, I will be looking at implementing brand new network at one of our offices with about 300 users in September.I will need to implement a solution that can support multiple SSIDs, PoE, multiple vLANs, dual band and can be managed with a wireless...


Good afternoon,I have configured TRAPS to know the temperature states of a Cisco switch. However, I don't know how simulate a high temperature to check that works fine. Thanks,

howto allow only gmail in firewall using source like i.p and port number and destination i.p and port

Dear all,Please let me know bellow.I want to allow only google mail using source and destination concept.How to configure source and destination using i.p and port number if we are using dynamic i.p  Thank you Regardssuresh