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Hi all, Can i confirm if cisco 3850 support creation of mac access-list?And like to know if there is a limit to how much mac addresses i can add to the mac access-list or is there no limit?In my current setup i may be required to add up to 200 mac ad...

donnie by Beginner
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Hi All,I'm preparing the CCNA exam and using cisco packet tracer to implement the network. I know the question what I'm going to ask is very common but I couldn't find out exactly what is going on, I need your help ! The connection in packet tracer l...

just trying to test the ports by pinging from one switch to the other. Reset both switches to default. Both switches are running IOS version 12.2 (55)SE8. GLC-SX-MM on both ends. Working fiber cable.(I tested the cable and the two sfp in a different ...

gvysk by Beginner
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Hello, want to ask for this: I have cisco3560 switch with vlan configuration (ip address of vlan is gateway for hosts):- vlan10 - vlan20 - vlan30 - ............Default route is pointing to Linux router i ...

hi all i have nexus 56128 with all is QSFP port populated. i need to connect my Nexus 2348TQ to the nexus 56128 via the SFP+ ports but i don't want at that point to wast 4x10G ports. i want to use FET-40 on the 56128 side and only 1 FET-10 in the nex...

Hi, I have just had a weird problem, all the user's connected to one of my switch stacks were unable to get an IP address or any network connectivity, I did "Terminal Monitor" and unplugged them from the network and plugged them back in however this ...

Sheraz_35 by Beginner
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One thing Cisco really hasn't addressed on the 3850s is the missing option for a 10GB-T network module. The 3750X has the C3KX-NM-10GT which is a perfect solution for a very small 10G-T install. Does anyone know if there is a roadmap for a replacemen...

I need help.I want to display the dBm level  on a QSFP+ interface. The <show interface e10/1 transceiver detail> command display a level of  0dBm.   Software  BIOS:      version 2.12.0  kickstart: version 6.2(10)  system:    version 6.2(10)  BIOS com...