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I have a Nexus 5548UP VPC setup acting as a DHCP relay.  The DHCP server is on a Microsoft WDS server in order to simplify the setup. DHCP is working on clients, but I can't get PXE boot to work.  If I place the DHCP client in the same VLAN as the WD...

Hi all, I realise cpu core0 of my cisco 3850 switch stack of 4 switches is having high cpu utilization of 100% constantly when i do a "show process cpu | ex 0.0". The other cpu core are fine at below 20% utilization. This command would also list the...

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Hello, Can someone please share the details of the bug CSCuw44957 ? The workaround says  (..) It won't heppen on 15.0(2)SE8 or earier. (..) But. I have WS-3560X @15.0(2)SE4, and its ports work fine when in 1G mode. When limited to 10/100 (auto), I ...

Hello! I have a problem with hold queue on ASR 1002x Gigabit interface. Hold-queue counter reaches max value and interface drops all inbound traffic. Hold-queue value isn't decreased  until reboot the router or change max size of hold-queue on interf...

I have a switch, I configurebelow: (1) int vlan 1, no shutdown, ip address (2) port 5 configuration: switchport access vlan 10 switchport mode access (3) I have one PC connect to switch port 5, in my windows 7 PC, I setup...

Dear All, Kindly suggest,CPU utilization is showing 55.95% for Cat4k Mgmt LoPri . what is Cat4k Mgmt LoPri ? Show process cpu  CPU utilization for five seconds: 68%/2%; one minute: 64%; five minutes: 61% PID Runtime(ms) Invoked uSecs 5Sec 1Min 5Mi...