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Dear All, As cisco 2960-XR router has IP-Lite image, which also  supports routing. Does it also supports communication between two different Vlans without the requirement of separate router ? Please let me know. Waiting for your response. Thank you.

I have a home wireless router. how do I find the IP address of it. I cannot find the documentation. all is working fine, but I need to change settings and I am unable to connect to it. 

As per best practices for VLAN design:1) Avoid using VLAN 1 as the “blackhole” for all unused ports.2) In the local VLANs model, avoid VTP (use transparent mode). Point 1In a big network, I'm having VLAN 1 as the blackhole VLAN. I'd like to confirm t...

Hello all,  On the ASAs if there has been a command change that is different in a newer version of code when you upgrade the code the commands are converted to match what the new commands are in the newer version.  Will routers do the same or will th...

angel-moon by Participant
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Dear All, I am facing some problem in creating VLAN access-list we have all vlan in core switch also i have configured vlan ip address (SVI) below is vlan details 1. Vlan 1 : Vlan 2 : Vlan 3 : Vlan 4 : 172.16.4....

The switch is more than capable of providing 30 watts of power to the 3600AP yet it negotiates 15.4 watts and then I get errors in prime. Can someone explain how to fix this issue or what is causing the problem? Both radios are enabled so I would exp...

hi all,i have a cisco 1841 router with a DSL module for WAN link and set up FE0/1 for the LAN interface. i have a spare FE0/0 port that i would like to use as an additional LAN interface. would it be possible so that i would not disconnect my LAN swi...

I have a remote pair of production 6509-E switches I need to replace the Supervisors in to support WS-X6716-10T-3C line cards.Is there any easy way to replace a WS-SUP720-3B with a VS-S2T-10G, preserving the existing swtich/port configurations quickl...

kasmall by Beginner
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Hi all, Is there anything special about the on-board 10G ports on supervisor cards? (Eg. Sup2T/Sup8e). Or are they just 'normal ports' which can be used to connect other switches, servers etc.What is their use case in the real world? Are they commonl...