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Question,By accident I had configured an IP HELPER-ADDRESS on a VLAN interface pointing to a DHCP server with an IP addrees in the same VLAN ( ip subnet ).Some users had complaints and there were BAD ADDRESS entries in our DHCP server registered.Can ...

vancampdax by Beginner
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 Hi all,We are experiencing an issue which seems to contradict itself on a stack of 3 switches. The issue we are seeing does not seem to be very well described in the Cisco documentation, if merely shows the status exists, but not if it's good or bad...

mikezamb1 by Beginner
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I have an issue. I need to measure the bandwidth  use in a hospital. They basically dont have any administration. They have a few switches , Wireless and everything goes to the same  Internet exit. However one of the doctors have a VPN with a  firewa...

HelloI have a strange issue where a "show ip arp" only populates local addresses but does not populate with addresses learnt on interfaces in that VLAN. For example, vlan 10 has dozens of IP addresses attached on individual access ports. If I ping th...

Hi All please see belowThe WS-F6700-DFC3C is showing on show module 9 but is missing from the show inventory command, would anyone know if this is just a cosmetic issueslot 9 #sh modMod Ports Card Type                              Model              ...

billybong by Beginner
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I am setting up a 4900M for a temporary training class, for 1Gb connected client PCs.  I used a 10Gb interface with an X2-10G-SR which will connect via 62.5 micron fiber, to a 4948 10Gb interface with an SFP-10Gb-SR.  As for the config, I have the 49...

de fl by Beginner
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Hello all,  I have been told that running BGP inside a data center is not recommended.  I know its OK for WAN sites.  Can anyone tell mew what protocols should be used and why?   Thanks.  Replies rated!

angel-moon by Participant
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Hi,I am looking for information on recommended logging on cat 6509-e switches. There are so many options available so I am looking for some recommendations. The other thing I am looking for is to what type of log messages are generated when something...

S891 by Explorer
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Resolved! dmvpn tunnel issue

I am running a hub and spoke type dmvpn network. I have two tunnels both are up. Only one is passing dmvpn packets. Tun1 is in a NHRP state. I know the configuration is correct. Here is a show crypto ipsec sa on hub and spoke router. Any help is appr...

joe.fodor by Beginner
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