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Show ip bgp output - Help

Hi,I've got this example:r2# show ip bgp routing table entry for, version 11Paths: (2 available, best #1, table  Default-IP-Routing-Table)  Advertised to non peer-group peers:   65502 (metric 74...

dan_track by Beginner
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Cisco 4500x Support for USB

Hi,Does the catalyst 4500x support any usb drive or does it need to be specific cisco USB-X45-4GB-E Cisco Catalyst 4500 4-GB USB I have tried a generic one. Copy works but wireshark capture to usb0 fails.Could it be that switch supports only cisco sp...

ashley_dew by Beginner
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Resolved! bgp inject-map

I am confused about the use case of bgp inject-maps. If the goal is to inject specific prefixes, then why not just add an ip route <network> <next-hop> statement for more specific prefix (so that the specific prefix appears in routing table) and then...

Resolved! Cisco 4500X Wireshark capture to usb not working

Hi, I am Ashley and  i am testing  the Cisco 4500X using wireshark capture. advanced ip services IOS.The capture runs fine when storing the wireshark file on the bootflash. No worries.But when i configure the destination as USB0 my pendrive, it fails...

Resolved! Cisco 4500x vty access-class

Hi,I have a Cisco 4500x, connected and configured the management interface fa1. I can ping, telnet, ssh  and so on, and configured the vrf.I want to restrict access to vty, so I use the default access-class on the vty.I do that, I lose connections to...

First time to configure DHCP Snooping

Good day to everyone,A few minutes ago as of the writing of this discussion, a colleague of mine tried to enable a dhcp server using a vmware. He is unaware that he is actually distributing IP's in our local network. So the inevitable happened, 40 co...

simonator by Beginner
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Problems about Cisco 3845

Hi All Expert     I found problem about cisco 3845 with      Cisco IOS Software, 3800 Software (C3845-ADVSECURITYK9-M), Version 12.4(24)T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1).     Cisco 3845 (revision 1.0) with 1008639K/39936K bytes of memory.     When I facing t...

Resolved! VDC Question

A typical topology,2 7Ks at core, two 5Ks crossed connected to the 7ks. then, there are two extenders.I want to created two VDCs on the 7Ks, let called it VDC A, representing zone Aand VDC B() representing zone B. How can i extend the VDCs to 5Ks? F...

Resolved! Which Ethernet are we using today?

Hi All,I'm learning about Ethernet now.So,  i know that at first a group called DIX developed ethernet. Later on  IEEE used it and developed the IEEE802.3 Ethernet Standard, which was  again extedned to IEEE802.3u (FastEthernet), IEEE802.3ab (Gigabit...

Traffic Analyzer

HI allplease i want to run Netflow on my  CIsco switch 3750x-TE, but it seem doesn't support on it , could u please guide me to use another feature on cisco to work as netflow for traffic analysing ?

Porting ADSL to another switch

  Hi,We have 5 levels conected to my core via fibre port-chanels but are moving one floor to another building via a single dedicated 1gb SMF trunk link. Now thats all goos and working but have jjust had an residentail ADSL link in the main building c...

Regarding Root Brigde selection

Hi In STP, while selecting the root bridge if the prioroty is same for all the switches in a topology, we prefer least bridge ID. how the brifge ID will be selected is the least MAC. How to find out the least mac in a switch, wether it's a mac of har...

Optical fiber & 2960-XR.

Hello,I meet a problem with a fiber optic link on my Cisco 2960-XR. I think the optical fiber is broken but i'm not sure...The person who deployed optical fiber tells me that it works.However, when I plug my fiber modules and fiber optics, my ports a...

irichaoli by Beginner
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mstp question

Hello, I have looked around on the internet for an answer to no avail. I just need some clarification on the below - for the sake of this question I am managing the customer switches I am referring to below.1. Lets say I have 2 switches, swA and swB ...