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So I've ran across a STP issue that i'm having difficulty explaining the behavior. The problem is that I don't have a cable matrix but based on the show output, there's a clear L2 loop that STP isn't catching for some reason. Basically i have two swi...

nsti_0682 by Level 1
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We have 3560G(IP Base 15.0.2.SE4) as core and 2960's on access.We enable DHCP snooping on all switches with uplinks on 2960's and links to DHCP servers on 3560 configured as "trusted". All worked fine.Then we enabled link aggregation(two gigs between...

Hi all, I'm new to cisco and I have a basic problem: I have a 4506 switch and a new 2960G that I want to integrate to my network.I configured the interface (the one that is linked to the 2960G) of my 4506 switch, as follow :switchport mode trunk ecap...

Does anyone know or tested latency from port to port on a Nexus FEX? We are seeing some weird/strange results to MTU above 1500. Everything has been configured for jumbo (9216). The FEX is a N2K-C2232PP-10GE and its attached to a Nexus9000 C9396PX 1/...

lee.smart by Level 1
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I recently started having problems with users losing connection on both wired and wireless, there connections show limited access and when I check their IP addresses they have the 169.x.x address.  Tried release and renew, does nothing, seems to be v...

brownrl by Level 4
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Hi. When switch does switching, it operates only mac addresses, or it also checks vlan number? For example: Switch receive packet from one vlan and this packet somehow has destination mac belonging to host in another vlan, will switch forward this pa...

Helloi used to have native L3 connection from core to distribution and distribution to access was L2. The distribution was our demarcation point b/n L3 AND L2.how do i introduce vss in this scenario, we still want the distribution to be our demarcati...