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Resolved! Limitation of vlan number in route-map

Dear community ,  i have question relevant tovlans  limitation  number under route-map is limited to 32vlans?  we encoutered this issue  on Nexus OS 7K ( 8.2.1) by adding new vlan in the route-map configuration  (below error by adding new vlan) % Can...

tnn-dray by Beginner
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3750 and VTP settings

Need to pass info on VLAN 2363, the switch is set on VTP version 1. Do I just need do do the following:1. configure terminal2. vtp version 33. end4. show vtp status5. copy running-config startup-config my current show VTP status VTP Version capable :...

clynch by Beginner
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route-map and or logical algorithm

Hi Dear.Router(config)#route-map test permit 10 Router(config-route-map)#match ip address 10 Router(config-route-map)#match ip address 15 Router(config-route-map)#set local-pref 150 is this AND algoritm?Router(config-route-map)#route-map test permit ...

Resolved! Wireless Router - Overlaps Vlan 1

Hey guys!I have no idea if you can help, but attatched is an assessment I am having trouble with. - I need to assign an ip address to the wireless router WRT300, so I can ping the Laptop to both networks.- I need to gain access to the ISP connection ...

Port Forwarding Web server

i have a web application server which i am trying to access on the internetprivate Ip : 192.168.1.xpublic ip : 42.11.100.x ( this is one of the subnet ip of public IP)Performed quick configuration wizard on my sonicwall firewall to create a web serve...

Cisco Catalyst 1000 Password issue

I can connect with the switch by using console port. however it is asking the password. can someone please advise how to overcome this? how to do clear setting for the catalyst 1000 (C100-24T-4G-L) Thank you,

thang.le by Beginner
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Creating LACP trunk

CCNA PT lab 6.3.4 is walking us through converting each physical port from access to trunk, then configuring the port Channel to trunk. The Cisco CCNA book and some posts do not show this step.Is this needed?  As I believe that creating a port-channe...

Port numbering Cisco Catalyst IE3300

Hello fellow technicians I've recognized that the port numbering of the Cisco Catalyst IE3300 starts at the SFP Ports with 1/1 & 1/2.Does an alternative device exists, of which the port numbering starts with RJ45 at 1/1? I would be thankful, if someo...

Samoht by Beginner
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