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ISP Vlan interference

I posted an issue I was having here a while ago. The router internal interface would go down intermittently. From the switch I could see all internal interfaces were up and I machines within the LAN could communicate; however they could not access th...

Resolved! Nexus 5500 maximum ipv4 routes

Hi guys,As per the link below, I could only configure 16384 routes (sharerd between IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes).http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/datacenter/nexus5000/sw/configuration_limits/limits_521/nexus_5000_config_limits_521.htmlAre there an...

John Pong by Beginner
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Revealing denied packets in Class-map ACLs

In configuring Control Plane Policing (CPP),  I use ACLs to filter packets, not all packets pass the permit statements and thus are denied. How do I see which OTHER packets are being denied. I tried to add the “LOG” keyword to the end of the deny sta...

fsebera by Enthusiast
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2960 Plus switching bandwidth

Hi all, I was going through datasheets of 2960s/x/plus. I saw in 2960 plus that no value for switching bandwidth is given however its written that switching bandwidth is full duplex capacityWhat does this mean

Jonn cos by Enthusiast
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Vlan separation

In my server switch one vlan is creeated and that is and firewall is connected then firewall is connected with my core .i want to some ip address of server series in my core ,how will be created and how it's possible.

Native VLAN mismatch between VSS 6509 and 3560

Hi,I am getting logs on Access switch 3560 CDP native VLAN mismatch, i've validated the configuration on both switch but still we are getting the error.bly-VSS-core01#sh run int  po 40Building configuration...Current configuration : 330 bytes!interfa...

varunk2k3 by Beginner
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Unknown protocol drop

After upgrading IOS from c2801-ipbase-mz.124-11.XJ4.bin toc2801-ipbasek9-mz.124-24.T8. Unknown protocol drops increments continously in router both internal and external fastethernet interfaces.internal is local lan. and external configured as BGP.No...

Prasad V by Beginner
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Recommendation for New Cisco Switch

Hi All,Right now I'm using 2 cisco switches (redundant). The model for those switches is Catalyst SW-2960G-24TCL.I'm planning to add more servers to the current network but all the ports in the two switches are occupied.Could you please recommend a n...

Inter Area traffic

Hello All ,                 I was having the below network                         ---((MPLS))----R2(PE)--(Area 0 )---R1----(Area120)----XR2---(Area 0)---------(PE)XR1-----------((MPLS))  ,               XR2 was having a loopback in Area 20 , and nor...

hi friends i have one issue please can any one help me in this regard cisco 2900 router dsl link upgradation and internet browsing issue please help me i am unable get the issue.

i have a one router cisco 2900 series,with a dsl link speed is  2mbps,now we are upgrading speed to 4mbps on same dsl link,i am having a problem ,before upgrading from 2mega to 4mega my internet browsing is good but after i gone for upgrade from 2 t...