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How can I check connection health?

Hi friends,I work like a network administrator and 7 days ago I had a problem. I have a Catalyst 3560 C 500 meters away and it's connection has down . I checked fiber patch panel but I didn't see any problem. 5 hours later spontaneously, I saw proble...

Resolved! Management Vlan

Hello Team,I understand the management VLAN concepts with L2 switches - enable the SVI/IP address on the VLAN that you create specifically for it.When one utilizes L3 switches, which may typically have SVI on most VLAN's, how does one prevent users f...

Resolved! Cisco SG250-50 fast blinking after firmware upgrade

Hello all, I just got this switch and I was setting it up I figured I just update it to the latest firmware version for it. I went to the menu and I uploaded the new firmware and click on install and it took a very very long time on the load...

joelgsus by Beginner
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problem boot on WS-C3650-24PS

Hi ,  the start-ip doesn't complete on switch  WS-C3650-24PS, just the following message appear's on the boot of switch : =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~= PuTTY log 2016.03.28 16:50:08 =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=@@@@@@@...++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++@@@@@@@@@...

What does C9500 stack log mean?

Hi everyone, What does C9500 STACK log mean? Are there any Cisco documentation for this log?  %HMANRP-6-EMP_NO_ELECTION_INFO: Could not elect active EMP switch, setting emp active switch to 0: EMP_RELAY: Could not elect switch with mgmt port UP Thank...

wenfengji by Beginner
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cisco WS-C3850-24XS stack

Hello. We have 2 switches cisco WS-C3850-24XS which are collected in the stack.Is there any ios command to switch off this stack without disconnecting cables.We need this for activation standalone mode on each device.

Resolved! Removing stacked switchport config from used switch

I purchased a few used switches and some of them look as though they were stacked by the previous owner. For example, I have two switches (on their own) display their ports as Gig2/0/1-52 on them. All the documentation I have found shows that you nee...

joshduty by Beginner
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Remove then re-add 9500 in SVL stack

Hello, I have two 9500s running 17.03.04 currently stacked with SVL and i would like to remove the standby switch, move it to another building, then re-add it back into the SVL stack as a standby switch again. I moved all of the connections that were...

xromelmx by Beginner
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Resolved! N7K-7010 STP, HSRP logging issue

Hi all, I got issue with customer that stated with STP issue. I'm not sure what is the root cause of this since the log is already 2 months ago The log shows the HSRP priority protocol also has been changed and STP port state also not stable. does th...

Hafiz_HR by Beginner
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Need Help With DTP Configuration

Hi folks, i needed some help with DTP configuration on my network that i’m working on. I just have not been able to get DTP to work and to be able to ping the other devices. The two base configs are linked below. I am trying to connect port fa0/14 fr...