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HiI just want to clarify one setting for the port channel load balance on Nexus 6k switch. If I use the load balance option source-dest-ip-only, will following four converstions be load balanced? -> ->

Good day! I've met with unexpected problem - i have Cisco 2851 in which 4 cellular is installed. They both were adjusted through Dialers. The problem is that after reloading the first two cellulars (cellular 0/0/0 and cellular 0/1/0. А) switch on but...

                Why is 'switchport trunk encapsulation <dot1q or isl> required on L3 switches?  The default trunk encapsuation mode on 'modern' Cisco switches is to 'auto' negotiate, so why doesn't 'auto-negotiate' work when configured from the L3 sw...

chirschey by Level 1
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The question is: is there such thing?  The bits and pieces of info I've found kind of contradict each other (some say it's been there since IOS SXE, some say it's not supported at all) - the fact is, we have a 6509 in our network running s222-advente...

                   hello,My customer want to apply PACL to output interface (phisical interface/etherchannel interface, access or trunk mode) on his 6500 but the only option it has in the configuration is to the input interface.Is there a hardware th...

inbald by Level 1
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Hi, I am having problem with cisco 4507 switch,below is show module command output,Mod Ports Card Type                                                   Model              ---+-----+--------------------------------------+------------------+----------...

HI I was working with the SM-ES2-24 Module and found that the ios was corrupted. I uploaded the new ios and was trying to boot it from the new ios.During change the boot system command the command was accepted but during booting, there was an error. ...

Resolved! Nexus - Pseudowire

I try to put the command "xconnect" on my Nexus 7000 but it shows >> NEXUS7009-LAB(config-if)# xco? >>                                          ^ % Invalid command at '^' Which feature set must be installed to provide the feature ?Tks.