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                  Hi,We have 45xx switch & we enabled spanning tree root guard on ports connected with access switch via fiber uplink& we enable spanning tree loop guard on access switch sideOne of my core switch port connected to Juniper Netscreen F...

We have two sides we have configured iBGP between the two sides and there are same VRF's working on both sides , for which we want communication to work also there are few static routes and ospf  on each vrf . on each sides . when we configure mp-bgp...

  Hi,         Hi, I cannot upgrade my cisco ios to cz7200-adventerprisek9-mz.152-4.S1.image and not able to find out where the cisco ios is stored on my gns3.I have tried commands like "sh file systems" and "dir all-filesystems" but doesn't give me t...

Hello experts,need a clarification regarding this DHCP manual binding example on Cisco 1802 router. My question is will this manual binding configuration work? or will we have a problem because the manual binding is overlapping with the excluded rang...

I am trying to bring up a trunk between a 3750G stack and (2) Nexus 3048. The uplinks on the 3048's are using 1gig MM SFP. The ports on the 3750 stack are configured as a port channel. I have checked the SFPs, they are valid. I had swapped out fiber ...

conley851 by Beginner
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In My environment, there is a stact between 3750G and 3650G with port channel, now one port of the port channel group was down, below is output. please help to give a solution!!! Thanks! (The MAC is from wireless Card of laptop, so I guess this was c...

imwang168 by Beginner
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Hi everybodyI hope you are doing fine.    I really miss this forum that taught me so much .(Very busy with new job)Please consider the following scenario:sarah1#show versionCisco Internetwork Operating System SoftwareIOS (tm) s72033_rp Software (s720...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Hello,I am working for a voice project now. Unfortunately the PoE feature is not working in my switch Module.When I connect to my cisco IP phone, it doesn't provide the power.What will be the cause? Do I need to configure for PoE?Appreciate your Help...

Andrewkai by Beginner
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Hello, I have a 3550 switch configured with vlans. I tried to apply a standard access list to one of the switch ethernet interfaces, however it would not let me.Is it normal behaviour that if your switch has vlans configued, then you cannot apply ACL...

fran19422 by Beginner
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I'm working on a project where I need my layer 3 switch to handle all the interVLAN routing and DHCPAnd all the internet and traffic to the corporate office needs to hit the router.I have the router setup as --> then a port on the switch...

ALIAOF_ by Frequent Contributor
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I have a 3845 router with two 3750 etherswitch modules installed.   One of the switch modules has no IOS so it's stuck at the switch: prompt.   Anyone know where I can find any documentation on the commands that are available to me?   For instance, s...

cobra188d by Beginner
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I have two locations with the following switches:Location 1: (2) 3750-48P in stack, SW version 12.2 (50) SE, IP SERVICES imageLocation 2: (1) 3750-48P, SW version 12.2 (35) SE5, IP BASE imageI need to take a switch from Location 1 and move it to Loca...

dotwell11 by Beginner
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Hi - trying to resolve an issue with multicasting. We have a site that is working fine and we have a site that is not working. We are not sure if the issue is with the router or the host device trying to receive multicast traffic. The configurations ...