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Hi,I have applied Dual IP SLA for Tracking and auto switching of internet link between 2 ISP's. If ISP A is down all traffic diverted to ISP B and vice versa.My question is how can i check history of links switching or IPSLA switching using routers c...

Hello,If we have three routers in HSRP i.e. one is active, second is standby and third is listen.If the standby router goes down with active being up and operational, will the third router become new standby?Thanks        

zafar_118 by Beginner
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Hello all,I have a router cisco 2921 and a switch 2924. Both are configured. My issue is when we use a network monitoring tool discovery, it doesn't show the switch. I am attaching both router and switch sh run output. Please let me know in case of a...

Hi Guys,I need to exchange ideas, regarding a solution that I need to come up with.First I will define the current setup has been done on our core network.We have VSS 6500 cores swtiches as a primary core switches, and this vss cores are connected wi...

rizwanr74 by Rising star
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HI ALLplease i have 2 cisco switch 3750 both has the same Image Software ,but one of them has permenant license  image software,  and the other one has been expired , can i take the permenant image software and put it to the expired switch ? is it po...

Hi All,Cisco recommends at least 2 peer-links and one keep alive between 2 x Nexus 7k, I'm confused the different/purposes between peerlinks and keepalive link, if we have 2 peerlinks why do we need keepalive here? I would assume they're all using th...

           Hello,any advice on images for the Nexus 5548? We currently use 5.2(1)N1(1) and 6.0(2)N2(1) on our 55965s. Any bad experiences with any of the images for the 5548?Thank you, Pat.      

Hey,The Cisco documentation seems to be unclear on whether the 10G Module is hotswappable.Not                 Not sure what they are saying here. "Although network modules are hot-swappable, we recommend installing a network module before powering th...

Hi Guys,we have a stack with 5 Cisco 3750We removed  Switch 1 ( needed for ohter purposes).Now we have 4 switches in stack ( numbered 2,3,4,5).What we need to do:a) On the stack: remove switch 1 configuration - this can be done with command "no switc...

beconnect by Beginner
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                   Hi,I have been trying for some time to configure a 887 VA W. I have the internet connection working and serving all outbound requests ok. The problem is when i try to set up port forwarding. I would like to configure forwarding for...

Resolved! air 1240 AG

By mistake I deleted boot file and now access point only boots up in ap mode.When I run Dir I get nothing.How can I restore the image back?I have tried Hyper terminal modem but it failed.Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

We are planning to implement the 6509-E with two Sup 2Ts and a few 48 ports switches. We also want to make this the router for our network and replace the 7206VRX.Any advise on this would be helpful.Thanks in advance!                  

An Nguyen by Beginner
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