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HI,I have 2 x 3650 stack switch using as core switch and 42 x 2960 switch using as user lan. I got the problem about the EhterChannel. Since the 3650 can support 48 etherchannel, but 2960S only support 6 etherchannel. 3650:SW101#sh int port-channel ?...

Resolved! Router 2921 reload

Hello all, who know why the Cisco routers do a self  reload? because I have a CSCO 2921 K9 router and today for the 1st time I faced a different issue, its the cisco router and got a sudden reload, the reload procces been done in 139 sec.much appreci...

Hardi Ahmed by Rising star
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Resolved! editing acl's

If I create an ACL on a Cisco router and apply it to an interface, then I edit the ACL, do I still have to apply it again to the interface? It's already applied so I'm not sure. Also do I have to always do the "permit any" after I add a rule int he A...

Hi Team                     I need to prepare the documents  for Coreswitch,Aggregation switch and Server Farm Switches in our network.. So i need what are the things must to do in these switches to securing the switches from the external attacks.. B...

"show ip traffic" output command shown an increment of "not a gateway" counter.do you know why?!what does it mean?!Thanks!!!!3560na-TEST#sh ip traIP statistics: Rcvd: 13585264 total, 794744 local destination 0 format errors, 0 checksum erro...

csiracusa by Beginner
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Hello,I am upgrading from older IOS based switches running 12.2 to 4500X. Following are the commands which I am experiencing some problems with:Exception protocol ftpException dump version on the 4500X is 3.4.2 and it seems, aforement...

omjay2012 by Beginner
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Hi I have tried this both creating my own config and also using cisco cp and both have left me scratching my head for a few days.I have tried a similar basic config on a cisco 1861srst router and it works fine but I am having problems with the C881In...

So, I have two 3850's I want to put in a closet.  Do I stack them or just leave them stand alones...  My plan was to connect each to the core switch using fiber and users on each switch.When I conenct the switches using the stackwise cable, I have an...

meinanut1 by Beginner
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