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Resolved! Can't ping vlan 1

Hi I have a Cisco 1801 router connected to layer 2 switch on fa0 using the interface as a dot1q encapsulation trunk.On both devices I have setup vlans 30 and 40 and the communication works fine between them.  The respective subnets of either vlan can...

Fully redundant Switches meaning

                   Hi Everyone,Could you pls let me know the exact meaning of attach ( yellow marked one)? the contractor was saying "it doesn't mean two switches as there is a built in redundancy in Cisco switch)"I don't think he is correct as I nev...

moh123321 by Beginner
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Cisco not getting proper Vlan and not IP

Hi one of my cisco phone not getting proper voice vlan it is showing Data Vlan anfd also phone not getting IP address. Please help me here Switch#sh run int G2/0/3Building configuration...Current configuration : 549 bytes!interface GigabitEthernet2/0...

Bonding Two interfaces on Two 2940 switches

I want to learn how to do this the proper or standard way so any help is appreciated. I have two switches (sanitized configs attached) and I am trying to bond int gi0/1 and gi0/2 between the two.Then I need int gi0/3 back to the main LAN switches.The...

Can't reproduce this STP loop. Why?

Hi Guys,I am trying to reproduce a Spanning-Tree loop in my lab that occurred on Ops, and for the life of me I cannot break it. The loop is very simple:On Ops:  Cisco 2960------------FW that doesn't forward STP traffic-----------Cisco 2960      |    ...

trunk link settings

Hi,Can someone tell me why you would want to use these settings on a trunk to another switch from a core switch?I have found some other issues in this evironment regarding switch configurations and I need to determine why this might be done and if it...

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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887VAW - WLAN to wired routing

HiI am at a relatively basic level when it come to cisco routers, but I want to learn more.I have aquired a 887VAW. I have successfully configured it to connect to my DSL line etc and works a treat.What I am struggling to do is have the WLAN traffic ...

vlan's and redundant ports

I have a limited understanding of vlans and wanted some clairification on a config I'm trying to set up.As an added bonus, I wanted to ask about redundant wan connections.Our datacenter provider is providing us with 10 Mbps Base Commit delivered on r...