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I always hear that you cannot have a router act as a VTP server to propagate all your VLAN settings out to your switches. I have a Cisco 3550 Switch which is doing inter vlan routing. Can I set this to be in VTP server mode? Its a switch, yet its doi...

ZaneZ by Beginner
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Hey everyone, I am running a stack of 3750s (8) at the data center core. It's been up and running for over 2 years with no major issues so far (did I just jinx myself?). Issue is, they are all running the Version 12.2(55)SE1 of the IOS. Is there any ...

Ricky S by Participant
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Hello,I have two Nexus 5548 connected via a vpc link, they are only handling L2 traffic.For management I have setup one SVI on each Nexus ( inband management ),without entering the "management" command on the interface vlan, as I was not aware of it....

Hi allThis morning I rebooted my active VSS switchswitch 2 took the active role and all was OKOnce switch 1 was back up, I failed the supervisor back over to switch 1I noticed the following outputLOCAL    1     UP      FALSE(N )   150(150)  ACTIVE   ...

Hello.We are facing some issues like below.any one can you please brief about this below error%ASR1000_PEM-3-PEMFAIL: The PEM in slot 0 is switched off or encountering a failure condition.%ASR1000_PEM-6-PEMOK: The PEM in slot 0 is functioning properl...

Hi AllI have 3 vlans10 = User network20 = Server Network30 = WANI have an ACL on the VLAN 10 SVI OUTBOUND that (denies all traffic except pings from VLAN 20) and (allows all traffic from VLAN 30)I have an ACL on the VLAN 20 SVI OUTBOUND that (allows ...

frazreid2 by Beginner
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Hello to everyone.I need to physically separate 10 LANs now connected together to a single Internet Gateway thru a series of Layer 2 unexpensive switches.The Internet Gateway router also acts as DHCP server.LAN 1 <> LAN 2 <> LAN 3 .. <> ROUTER (INTER...

andreapier by Beginner
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