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hi all,i checked my configuration now with ip san and it's connected with my 3750x 10G nic, there's no "spanning-tree portfast" command on it.  I don't remember if I have notes not to put it.  Just having error now when it's disconnect and reconnect ...

Resolved! default gateway

Hi,This is a naive question.We have a layer 3 4500 switch configured with interface SVI ip to this is a 3750 with ip ( default gateway to is a third edge switch, a 3750, connected to t...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! lost password 3900

Hello,I just shopping for a new router series 3900I first connected with ID cisco / cisco, but I did not pay attention to a banner that says "IF YOU DO NOT CHANGE THE PUBLICLY-KNOWN CREDENTIALS, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLETO LOG INTO THE DEVICE AGAIN AFTER ...

I have a weird issue.  I have 3, 5548up switches.  I have performed a write erase on all so they are completely default.  All ports are on vlan 1.  The only changes to the default was that ports 1-4 are used in a port channel with vpc, and change the...

netplexity by Beginner
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Even in Catalyst 3750 and 4500 with ip services IOS, when I apply an ingress extended ACL in an VLAN interface to deny some kinf of traffic (ICMP), this traffic only match de permit ip any any sentence. Is there any limitation with ACL traffic restri...

JPavonM by VIP
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HelloOne of ,y customers is building a network nacsed on CAT-7 cabling , and liek to use the WS-C2960S-48TS-S with the GLC-T SFP.From what I read the GLC-T support only CAT-6, can you calrify this for me if there is a new support in CAT-7 cabling ?Ro...

suppose R1 is the Bub and R2, R3 the spoke. we only have two pvc between R1&R2 and another pvc between R1&R3. R2 is coexisting bsr-candidate and rp-candidate (say, its ip for bsr is I do not have any difficult to receive the rp mapping on R...

meng.li3 by Beginner
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Hello all.I have a switch that is running high cpu after 15.0.2.SE2 to 15.0.2.SE4 upgradewas avg cpu of 33% now 70%the cpu hogs areCPU utilization for five seconds: 73%/1%; one minute: 69%; five minutes: 68% PID Runtime(ms)     Invoked      uSecs   5...

tgreaser by Beginner
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