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Resolved! Static NAT to Layer 3 Intervlan Switch

I have a design in mind which would implement a layer 3 switch with 3 VLANs, all vlan would point at the switch as the default gateway and then the switch would route all traffic to a ASA Firewall. My question relates to how would I create a static N...

Colourful by Beginner
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Cisco 3750X POE issue on Cisco IP Phones.

  HI Team, We have configured Cisco 3750X POE  series switchs with Stack.WS-C3750X-48P each with Redundant 1100W & 715 W PSU's.  They are configured with Stack-Power in Sharing mode and the switches are Smart Stacked as well.IP Phone and Access point...

Resolved! Configuring qos in 2960

Hi,  I have IP phones connected to 2960 i want to segregate traffic traffic comming from IP phones which has a COS value of 5 and want to allocate a band width of 200 MBPS for those traffic .Can any one share sample QOS configuration for achiving thi...

High and Unstable Latency On LAN??

I have a LAN made up of 2911 ->3750->2960->2960->2960->2960Pings from a computer connected to the last switch in the chain are ranging anywhere from 9-15ms with spikes up to in the 100's. Pinging internally from the switch to the router is 16/8/25, 6...

Spanning tree loop

                   Dear AllI have connected cable between two ports in the same switch on port FastEthernet0/14 and FastEthernet0/16, when I did show spanning tree block I found both ports are block and there was no any service impact, why the loop d...

Steev112 by Beginner
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Switches Non Blocking calculations

i want to understand term of non blockingi understood it means that switch can handel all traffic coming on all ports ( maximum speed ) with no delay so for example ,Switch with  48 Port 10/100/1000 & 2 10G uplink ports   ... if i want to prove that ...

Telnet-1-2 by Beginner
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