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Hello,I’ve several problems, when I customize the WebAuth page. Customizing the login.html works fine and wonderful.But after a login, these three pages could appear:A page is displayed that you’ll be redirectedA page is displayed the you should keep...

Kai Onken by Beginner
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hi allbelow image describes a process router routes/switches a packet.  first router receives a packetinterface processor stores the packet private buffer or public buffer.above step.what's a role of RX ring?ring is a shared memory(buffer) or a dedic...

Ray Han by Beginner
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Hi All,I have a Catalyst 4500 L3(WS-C4507R) switch running on version 12.2(53)SG with Netflow services card WS-F4531 installed. I need it to send netflow traffic details to my WhatsUp's flowmonitor.With reference to Whatsup's flow monitor guidehttp:/...

louisweng by Beginner
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I am currently receiving the following syslog warnings from one of my 3750-X stacks: Feb  8 18:04:31.475: %PLATFORM_STACKPOWER-4-CABLE_A_CURRENT_OUT: Switch 1 stack power cable 1 outward current is over the limitFeb  8 18:04:31.475: %PLATFORM_STACKPO...

gocarroll by Beginner
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Resolved! switch in dmz

Hi,I want to connect a 3750 switch as dmz to an ASA firewall. I am not very certain how i would achieve this.We would have a VLAN 10 on the ASA as gateway for servers.How do i attach the 3750 to the firewall & configure the switch such that it is abl...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi,The switch cpu shows always utilization 35% to 50%. The show processes cpu sorted 5sec shows HULC LED process took more CPU.This is the process related to SFP phisical link issues. But even after change the SFP, IOS image still this issue remain c...

I have a 2921 ISR using IOS 15.3(2)T.  I'm trying to configure an installed SM-ES3G-24-P.  From what I've read, putting the module into the router automatically creates a couple of gigabit ports, one of which I'm supposed to address and use as my hop...

refram by Participant
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Hey, I have a Cisco SRP527 that I've setup on an offsite warehouse's ADSL connection and thats working fine.I   have also setup and VPN link to a Head Office (which is running a  Palo  Alto Firewall) and that is also connected and working fine as I'm...

ChuggDogg by Beginner
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Hi,Can someone help me urgentlyAP(it's 1130AG) is not pinging from access switch even it's formed neigbhourshipwhen i issued the command "Sh cdp nei" it's showing on my access switch but not pining from switchi checked vlan and ports status everythin...

Hi there i have a question in Cisco ruter and switch we have line vty and it can be line vty <0-15> <0-15> does it mean we have 16*16=256 vty?are they just used for telnet and ssh ?well i am kind of beginner so i f some dude explaint that for me i t ...

Hi,i am trying to configure 3G EHWIC-HSPA-U card in cisco 1905 router.i have done the configuration but the profile is not coming up.what can be the issue.i try my best but not able to solve yet.I have attached the configuration detail Cirrent IOS od...